100,000 mothers applied for birth allowance in May

Published 21.06.2015 00:00
Updated 21.06.2015 22:50

Birth allowance is in great demand, with 3,500 mothers applying every day as the number of applications hits 100,000 in a month. A record-breaking number of applications have been made to the government's childbirth allowance provision, which provides a one-time payment of TL 300 ($111) for firstborns, and TL 400 and TL 600 for the second and third child, respectively.

According to data from the Family and Social Policies Ministry, an average of 3,500 women apply for pregnancy aid per day, 100,000 applications were submitted in the one month period that the provision was in effect. The mothers will receive their first aid payments in July. The childbirth allowance program, which was announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, officially started on May 15. In order to conserve the young population and increase the birth rate, mothers are provided financial support depending on the number of children they have.

To receive the childbirth allowance, citizens must apply to the provincial directorates of the Family Ministry or social service departments with the ID card of their newborn. Turkish citizens who live abroad can apply to this service through the Turkish consulates of the country they are living in. The childbirth allowance payments will be made to the account of the mother. If the mother is deceased, the father or the next guardian of the child will receive the payment. The Family Ministry targets aiding 100,000 citizens with childbirth allowances.

The applications for the allowance must be made with the child's identity card. The parent who registered the birth of the newborn can fill an online application form that is available on the Family Ministry's website. According to the childbirth allowance regulation that was published in May, all applications and procedures are to be conducted through the Childbirth Allowance System. In this framework, the applications are evaluated on whether they are appropriately submitted. The first payments under this program will be made in July.

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