BIST 100 had most rapid rise of last 2 years in March

Published 03.04.2016 20:24

The Borsa Istanbul stock exchange's main BIST 100 index increased 9.83 percent in March and maintained its tradition of a strong rise in March - where the index lost value for the first time in the month since 2009 in March 2015. The index also experienced the most rapid rise last month since March 2014.

The terrorist attacks that took place in Ankara and Istanbul in recent months did not change foreign investors' perception of Turkey. Net purchase transactions worth $3 billion were made in the shares and bonds market over the past one-and-a-half months.

With a rising trend in March, the BIST 100 index brought an average profit of 15.8 percent for its investors since the beginning of the year. The Borsa Istanbul Shares Market remained under selling pressure along with the stock markets of other emerging economies in 2015. The market is pursuing a positive trend as expectations rise in terms of central banks maintaining expansionary policies in 2016.

After declining 16.3 percent throughout 2015, the BIST 100 index made up for almost all of its losses in previous years as it increased nearly 16 percent in the first quarter of 2016. Considering the index's historic performance in April, it has satisfied investors over the past three years. Analysts suggest that after a rapid increase in the first quarter of the year, the index has advanced toward 84,000 points to 85,000 points, which indicates a major resistive position in terms of the medium-term trend. Pointing to the possibility that profit sales might increase effectiveness, however, analysts said the expectations are that a positive outlook will continue to prevail in markets.

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