THY Brussels flights canceled until April 15

Published 04.04.2016 23:36

Turkish Airlines (THY) has announced that due to security concerns emerging from the terrorist attack which occurred in Brussels Airport on March 22, all the flights to and from Brussels have been canceled between (and including) March 24 and April 15. A statement on THY's website reads: "For the canceled flights, our passengers can re-book their flights to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf free of charge."

Meanwhile, departures and arrivals picked up pace yesterday at the Brussels international airport, following its partial reopening the previous day, in the wake of suicide bombing attacks last month that killed more than 30 victims in the Belgian capital. However, no public transport services were running to or from the airport yesterday, located to the northeast of Brussels, leaving only car and taxi services available.

On March 22, two attackers blew themselves up in the departure hall of the Brussels Zaventem airport, while a third set off an explosion at an underground station in town. A later blast at the airport caused further damage, but injured no one. The attacks killed 32, in addition to the three bombers. The Islamic State extremist group has claimed responsibility. Following the attack, the airport has set up a temporary check-in zone. The arrivals and baggage collection areas suffered little damage.

Around 40 flights are scheduled to arrive and depart yesterday, an airport spokeswoman told DPA, with around 100 expected for today. At present, only Brussels Airlines and partner flights are operating from Zaventem, with other airlines to resume their operations over the coming days.

The airport had formally reopened on Sunday, with three passenger flights departing for the Portuguese city of Faro, Turin in Italy and the Greek capital Athens. Arriving vehicles had to pass through several control points and passengers underwent security screenings before entering the airport buildings, media reported.

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