Transportation sector tops public sector spending

Published 08.04.2016 00:00
Updated 08.04.2016 00:58

Public sector spending in the transportation sector has increased 37 percent compared to 2015, making it the top sector for public investment. Capital amounting to nearly TL 20 billion ($7 billion) has been reserved for transportation sector projects.

According to the 2016 Investment Program, out of TL 64.9 billion of public investment to be spent this year, TL 19.2 billion has been reserved for new projects while TL 44.5 billion has been reserved for ongoing projects and TL 1.2 billion for the research projects. The transportation sector will benefit from at least 30 percent of these public investment funds.

While spending in the transportation sector was TL 14.5 billion last year, this reached TL 19.9 billion this year - a 37 percent increase. A total of TL 6.7 billion from the budget is for new projects, while TL 12.8 billion and TL 354 million were reserved for ongoing projects and research projects, respectively.

Breaking down the spending for the transportation sector shows TL 7.8 billion for highway construction and renovation, TL 7.2 billion in railway development, TL 2.1 billion for urban transportation, TL 722 million for pipeline projects, TL 627 million in aerospace, as well as TL 533 million for maritime transportation and TL 517 million for non-highway roads.

Other public investments include the economic and social sectors with TL 11.9 billion allocated. Amounts reserved for other public sectors include TL 11.7 billion for education, TL 7.9 billion for agriculture, TL 5.3 billion for the health sector, TL 4.9 billion for the energy sector, TL 1.5 billion for mining and industry, TL 963 million for manufacturing, TL 490 million for tourism and TL 426 million for the housing sector.

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