Foreign investors' net sales on Borsa Istanbul hit $892M

Published 08.06.2016 00:00

The net sales of foreign investors reached $892 million in Borsa Istanbul share markets in May. According to data released by the Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange that monitored their net purchase flow during the first four months of the year, foreign investors moved on to the sales side in May and reached a net sale of $892 million.

With a net purchase worth $1.777 billion during the first quarter of 2016, the total amount of purchases from foreign investors fell to $855 million as a result of May sales.

The Borsa Istanbul 100 Index (BIST 100) gained a value of 19 percent in Turkish lira and 24 percent in dollars during the first four months of the year when the foreign investors made net purchases. BIST 100 Index lost 8.8 percent in Turkish lira and 13.5 percent in dollars in May when foreign investors went back to net sales.

Regarding the transactions of foreign investors in May, Tekfen Holding was their first choice with a net purchase worth $51.9 million followed by Petkim with $25 million, Torunlar Real Estate Investment Partnership with $7.5 million, Ülker Bisküvi with $7.1 million and Kordsa Global with $5.9 million.

Foreign investors preferred Garanti Bank's shares the most in May with a net purchase totaling $191.7 million followed by Turkish Airlines with $147.8 million, Halkbank with $136.1 million, Tüpraş with $74.8 million and İş Bank with $34 million.

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