Three foreign brands eye Turkish apparel market

Published 10.04.2017 22:14

Three well-known international apparel brands, namely Uniqlo, New Yorker and Selfridges, were on the lookout for an opportunity to enter the Turkish market, confirmed Tarkan Ander of JLL Turkey, a commercial property and investment management firm.

Ander said that the prominent fashion brands were looking at possible locations in Turkey at the moment.

Turkey, with its growth rate, young population and increasing per capita income, has come under constant focus of foreign brands, over the last decade.

Ander, a board member of JLL Turkey, said the New Yorker department store chain, one of Europe's most widespread apparel brands, Selfridges and Japan's Uniqlo were all eyeing the Turkish market.

Noting that there were only a handful fashion brands which are yet to enter Turkey, Ander said, the talks with the three brands, were ongoing. They have been observing the Turkish market for the past two years and waiting for the right time and location.

Ander said that they were aiming to finalize deals with at least two of these brands to open stores before the end of the year.

Ander said that while European brands want to enter Turkey, they also want to see Turkish brands in their native markets.

He said there were demands for Turkish goods in European shopping malls despite the political difficulties. Market interest was mostly driven by the rapid mobility, diversity and price policy of Turkish brands like LC Waikiki, Koton, Defacto and Mavi.

Meanwhile, Ece Turkey's general manager, Nuri Şapkacı, said Turkish brands were in high demand in European shopping malls.

"We receive orders from Germany and Poland, in particular. We know about competition, production and design. It is normal to receive demands," said Mavi CEO Cüneyt Yavuz.

Galeries Lafayette to open two more stores in Istanbul

Galeries Lafayette, a luxury department store in France, which will open a store at Emaar's Anatolian project, is looking at possible locations to open two more stores on the European side of Istanbul.

Noting that they were in talks with company officials, JLL Turkey's Ander said, "We're in talks with Galeries Lafayette to open a third store. We are trying to find a proper location at the moment."

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