Indian film industry, Bollywood, seeking locations to shoot films in Turkey

Published 30.05.2017 23:26
Indian film industry, Bollywood, seeking locations to shoot films in Turkey

With relations between Turkey and India starting to bear fruit, the Indian film industry, Bollywood, which has a giant share in the world movie market along with Hollywood, has initiated endeavors to shoot films in Turkey. Conducting research, Sudhanshu Hukku, the director of the international Bollywood fair scheduled for September in the Indian city of Mumbai, accepted the invitation extended by Dalaman, Ortaca and Köyceğiz Touristic Hoteliers and Tourism Managers Association (DOKTOB) Chairman Yücel Okutur. He visited the southwestern Turkish tourism city of Muğla with a view to locating settings for movies. Once settings are determined, Bollywood scriptwriters will also visit the city.

Underlining that it is easier to reach Turkey from Mumbai and New Delhi than European countries, Hukku said Turkish Airlines (THY) offers very affordable prices for the transportation of heavy equipment for filming. Referring to the deep-rooted civilization and history in Turkey, Hukku noted that the cultures of both Turkey and India have great similarities - which makes Turkey an ideal country for shooting Bollywood movies in. He added, "When you see Istanbul, Muğla, Antalya and other provinces, you are almost fascinated. Moreover, Turkey has a great diversity of places - which makes the country attractive in the eyes of filmmakers."

Okutur stated that Indian filmmakers are visiting Muğla and come to know alternative places at DOKTOB's invitation, continuing that they decide on the best setting for movies by assessing places and their scenery. Okutur stressed that shooting Indian movies in Turkey has a great significance for national tourism, as Indian people visit the locations where Indian movie stars shoot films. "We expect that Indian tourists will come to Turkey because of film shooting and wedding ceremonies, which have an important place in Indian society, and it will make a great contribution to the Turkish tourist industry soon."

Also, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry will invite Indian movie makers to Turkey by offering an incentive package. Turkey aims to attract Indian fimmakers to the country via a raft of incentives in costs, infrastructure and logistical facilities.

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