Foreigners buy 73.9 pct of Mavi Jeans shares on IPO

Published 13.06.2017 01:04

The share price at the public offering of Mavi Jeans held on June 8-9 was recorded at TL 43 ($12) and 73.9 percent of shares were bought by foreign corporate investors, according to the statement released by İş Yatırım.

The sales were sold at a total nominal value of TL 27.3 million, including TL 23.75 million offered to the public through joint sales and TL 3.56 million offered for additional sales.

While 73.9 percent of the shares were purchased by foreign corporate investors, 18.9 percent was bought by domestic corporate investors and 7.2 percent by domestic individual investors.

The pre-IPO prediction was 70 percent for foreign investors, 20 percent for domestic corporate investors and 10 percent for individual investors.

İş Yatırım also announced the companies were purchasing shares for more than 5 percent at the public offering.

Accordingly, the largest purchases came from Singapore-based Temasek Holdings Limited and Templeton Fund, managed by the famous investor Mark Mobius, with 10.11 percent, followed by Universities with 8.84 percent stake and Carrhae Capital, Charlemagne Capital and Neuberger Berman with 7.58 percent each. Abu Dhabi INV Authority (Adia) purchased 6.53 percent of the shares put on sale. The shares of Mavi Jeans will begin trading on the Borsa Istanbul on June 15.

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