Chinese billionaires eye Turkish football clubs

Published 29.06.2017 23:45
Updated 29.06.2017 23:46

Chinese billionaires who came to the fore with buying football clubs in Europe have turned their attention to Turkey. The Chinese, who are conducting research via international consulting companies for a potential purchase of football clubs from Turkey, have made contacts with some clubs.

Chinese businessmen who have invested heavily in football in recent periods are looking to expand their network by buying clubs from Turkey. Moreover, the Chinese, who have already bought a number of clubs from England, Italy, France, Spain, Holland and the Czech Republic, want to include Turkey in their network. However, the management of Turkish football clubs with the status of association seems to be the biggest obstacle in front of the potential buyers. Moreover, speaking about the interest from the Chinese, the British Blackbridge Cross consulting company CEO Alexander Jarvis said, "The investment of the Chinese in football has started and they have bought a number of clubs."

Indicating that the same thing should be done for Turkey, Jarvis said: "The structure of many clubs in Turkey is not available due to the association status. This should change as soon as possible. The most important move to enlarge the sector is the entry of foreign investors into football. We want to make the first foreign investor initiative in this wonderful country, just as we have accomplished many breakthroughs in European football. I must say that Turkey is a very interesting country for us and our investors."

Confirming the interest and explaining that the Chinese wanted to buy the club, Galatasaray Sports Club Chairman Dursun Özbek said: "There is no official written proposal that has reached club but there are some unofficial initiatives. I absolutely refuse to think about selling Galatasaray. I refused all incoming offers. I did not even enter into this kind of talk."

Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş also supports the transfer of clubs to the company structure, "Infrastructure can only then develop. If there were no state at the moment, there would be no football. And there is a lot of debt too. The financial structure should be like the company".

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