Russian industry eyes Turkish market

Published 20.07.2017 22:50

Viktor Kladov, the director of international cooperation and regional policies at Russian state-run defense company Rostec, has lauded the Turkish industry for having a significant technological capacity and said that Russia was leaning toward increased technical cooperation with the country in the defense industry.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) regarding the recent industrial and technical cooperation between the two countries, Kladov said Turkey is a very promising market for Russia.

He pointed out that Turkey does not want to buy only ready-made products from Russia and said, "Turkey also wants to develop technical cooperation in the defense industry. We are also leaning toward developing technical cooperation with Turkey in this regard."

The Rostec director recalled that Russia had also supplied armored vehicles to Turkey in the past. He said both parties were once again discussing joint armored vehicle productions.

He said Russia was involved in talks with defense industries in countries like Greece and Bulgaria, which are also NATO members like Turkey. "We know that NATO recommends that no military purchases be made outside the union. However, this is a decision that can be taken by countries independently," Kladov said.

Interest in TurkStream

Meanwhile, Sergey Mikhailov, the deputy general director of Russia's United Engine Corporation (UEC), said they wanted to increase their cooperation, especially with BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, with the launch of the TurkStream natural gas pipeline project.

Noting that the UEC saw BOTAŞ and other big natural gas companies dealing with Russian as important partners, Mikhailov said, "We would like to supply natural gas pumping equipment and engines, especially for the TurkStream project. Likewise, we would like to collaborate with Turkish companies regarding the service and maintenance of engines and equipment."

General Manager of UralVagonZavod Alexander Potapov stressed that Turkey has an important history and its market was of great importance to Russia.

Pointing out that they were especially interested in road, railway and infrastructure projects in Turkey, Potapov said, "If Turkey is ready, so is Russia for increased cooperation in various fields."

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