Officials work to remove red tape at customs borders

Published 28.08.2017 23:36

Turkey's Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci has said that the government is speeding up efforts to make Turkey's border gates at customs more modern, noting that officials are monitoring customs not only in a physical sense but also in terms of legislation, asserting that simplifying customs-related legislation will allow the government to remove unnecessary red tape, especially in terms of legislation. "We will share the good news with our citizens," Minister Tüfenkci said.

Speaking about the recent situation involving the Hamzabeyli Border Gate in Edirne province on Turkey's border with Bulgaria, Minister Tüfenkci asserted that the demolition and reconstruction of the Hamzabeyli Border Gate is already underway. Tüfenkci also said that the tender for the project has been completed and now some part of the construction is dismantled. "On the one hand, services will continue as in the case of Sarp Border Gate, while on the other hand, construction will continue. It will be a modern gate," Tüfenkci said. "The border gate's capacity will increase two-fold, and since the project is based on the ‘Single Window, Single Stop Project,' the duration of waiting time at the customs gates will be shortened."

Accordingly, the Hamzabeyli Border Gate now serves a total of 450,000 vehicles, including 250,000 trucks, providing services to 1 million drivers per year. When the project is completed, officials aim to double this figure, bringing the border gate's service capacity to approximately 1 million vehicles. Currently, there are 13 buildings at the Hamzabeyli Border Gate, situated on a total of 64,000 square meters of open area, as well as 16 platforms, including four entrances and four exits at the passenger section and four entrances and four exits at the truck section, two scales and one X-ray vehicle scanning device. The Hamzabeyli Border Gate also has a 1,800-square-meter administrative building and a 2,000-square-meter commercial building.

In the scope of the Turkish Ministry of Customs' ongoing "Single Window, Single Stop Project," the long queues frequently seen at customs gates will be eliminated. In order to reduce the waiting period at the gates, the "Single Window, Single Stop Project" was developed specifically for customs-related commercial activities. Those who deal with exports and imports will be able to conduct various transactions electronically rather than going from one booth to another booth at the border gate. The existing six-stage process that is implemented at the border gate will be reduced to one stage within the scope of the project.

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