Bureaucracy for road transportation to be eased, e-services to be used

Published 09.10.2017 22:49

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said the ministry will relieve the sector with an arrangement the ministry will make on the Road Transport Regulation.

Arslan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that important legal arrangements have been made to discipline road transport, ensure that those involved in the sector comply with certain legislation and prevent idle capacity, explaining the steps taken for this.

"We will reduce the bureaucracy in regulations and also remove the conditions for going to the notary in these processes," he said.

Pointing out that road transport is a difficult sector, Arslan said there are people all over Turkey who shut down their businesses and sell their animals to be a part of it regardless of demand. He stressed that when you supply over demand, it remains idle, creating serious issues.

He said that serious progress has been made in order to discipline the sector. He also said they have launched a project to provide some facilities in the Road Transport Regulation.

Arslan said the project lasted six months, explaining that they consulted relevant ministries, institutions, organizations and sector representatives in the process and negotiated the issue.

Explaining that they have alleviated the conditions for documents with the said arrangement, he said it is very important to have a discount of around 50 percent for document fees, adding that there were 13 issues that required document revocation that they simplified them down to three.

"We will also reduce the bureaucracy in the document regulations and remove the conditions for going to the notary in this process. If a person is doing a transaction through the e-government [system] and automatically takes responsibility, there is no need to send them to the notary and bring them in front of the officials," Arslan said.

"We are carrying out a very important project that will enable the people to be able to operate online from where they are by receiving more services via e-government," he added.

He also said that the discount applied for people with disabilities has also been increased with the project.

"It is important that we increase the amount of discount applied to the people with disabilities from 30 percent to 40 percent with this regulation," he said.

Arslan said that the ministry established the Transportation Electronic Monitoring and Control System (U-ETDS) and that the transactions carried out by those involved in transportation activities can be monitored in an electronic environment, collected in the ministry database and shared with the security units when necessary with the said system.

Emphasizing that the said project will relieve the sector in discipline without creating idle capacity, he said the ministry has made significant progress in e-government practice, which will facilitate the livelihoods and transactions of relevant parties and reduce the fees.

"We will make an arrangement that will enable this sector to benefit more from e-government applications and also bring it to a legal infrastructure," Arslan said.

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