Italian Benelli to set up production facility in Gaziantep

Published 18.10.2017 00:24

Kuba Motor in Turkey's Southeastern city Gaziantep has signed an agreement with 106-year-old Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli.

According to the agreement, Benelli will set up its third production plant in Gaziantep after Italy and China.

Kuba Motor had previously signed an agreement with Benelli in 2015 for its distributorship network in Turkey, which resulted in the decision to establish a third production plant in Turkey.

Under the said agreement, Benelli will use more than 300 dealers and more than 400 service networks in Turkey with Kuba Motor's production facility located on an area of 50,000 square meters in Gaziantep's 4th Organized Industrial Zone. Benelli's production in Turkey is expected to start in 2018.

"We worked so hard and succeeded in realizing our goal of bringing the Benelli brand to the Turkish market in 2015," Kuba Motor Chairman Bekir Müjdeci said with regards to the agreement.

"Both Benelli's positive opinion about Turkey and our efforts resulted in the decision of the Italian company to open the third production plant in the world in our country in 2017," Müjdeci continued. "We hope that with this great agreement we will strengthen our contribution to the motorcycle sector in our country and to the Turkish economy."

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