Turkey not to import meat in future, minister says


Turkey will not import meat in future, however, the country will be among the countries exporting it, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Ahmet Esref Fakıbaba said on Friday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Fakıbaba said: "I don't want to give a timeframe, however, Turkey won't import meat for sure; I believe that we will be one of the countries that export meat."

Fakıbaba said global trade should be based on the win-win principle.

"When we win, those with whom we make business should win too," he said.

About criticism of Turkey's overseas meat purchases, Fakıbaba said Turkey made such an agreement with Serbia,however, the meat is yet to arrive.

Referring to Turkey's regulations on slaughtering bovine animals, he said slaughterhouses will comply with Islamic rules since halal food and hygiene are sought after criteria.

Halal is defined as permissible or lawful products to use or consume according to Islamic law. A halal-certified product means it is compliant with Islamic law, which has a direct impact on how products are produced, processed, distributed, stored, sold and consumed.

On a different note, Fakıbaba said his ministry had also signed a protocol with the Defense Ministry to supply food to the Turkish military, adding that the deal would have major contributions to Turkish farmers.

"The average figure for this trade will be TL 750 million [$198.4 million]."

He added that all parties, including farmers, would benefit from this deal.

The minister also said the country was now selling seeds to 76 countries for $154 million.

However, Turkey buys seeds for $200 million from 59 countries and aims to increase its seed production to 2 million tons by 2023. The current figure of seed production in Turkey is 1 million tons.

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