Locally developed ATMs exported to 5 countries

Published 23.01.2018 00:00

Mehmet Kaptana, chairman of the local tech company Elektronet, which jointly developed Turkey's first national ATM with the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK), said the machines have been exported to five countries, adding that use of the machine is widespread, not in Turkey, but abroad. He said that more than 800 ATMs are being used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malta, Egypt, the U.K. and the U.S.

"By bringing together different brands and devices, we adapt them to banking and install security software on them. Companies doing this abroad are very expensive," Kaptana said. He said it is possible to carry out hundreds of transactions with their ATMs, adding that over 140 transactions can be done.

"Besides banking transactions, you can issue a driver's license, make government institution payments, gold, foreign currency, check-bond encashment, document scanning and even the recharging of the public transport tickets can be done. We have so far invested around $20 million to in our ATM operations. We are pioneers of a new generation of ATMs. Our goal is to be the ATM operator in Turkey," Kaptana added.

Turkish engineers and software engineers working within the company have also developed a gold vending machine, called Altınmatik that operates like an ATM and allows users to withdraw certified gold in exchange for cash or by using a credit card at any time of the day for the first time in the world, Kaptana said, adding that the device would be developed in 2020. Kaptana also said they started to develop an Electronic Ticketing System (ETS) in 2016, which will lift the tourniquet system from public transport, and that they have received research and development (R&D) support from the EU. He also said the ETS international intelligent transportation infrastructure project is jointly run by eight companies from five countries under Elektronet's consortium leadership.

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