Nearly $124M Turkish cement exported to 100 countries

Published 30.07.2018 00:34

Turkey, ranking first in Europe in cement production, exports TL 600 million ($123.7 million) worth of cement to some 100 countries annually.

According to data compiled from the Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association (TÇMB), the Turkish cement industry, operating with 54 integrated plants and 18 grinding plants, has a turnover of $3 billion.

Cement produced by Turkish companies is exported to about 100 countries around the world, including the U.S., Germany, Spain, Brazil, France, South Korea, Canada, Israel, Ghana, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Colombia and Haiti.

Indicating that Turkey has a high capacity in this area, TÇMB Top Manager İsmail Bulut said that Turkey ranks first in Europe and fourth or fifth in the world in cement production and exports 10 million tons of cement every year. According to Bulut, the sector's annual exports amount to nearly TL 600 million, with the U.S., Syria and South Africa being the largest markets for the sector.

Pointing out that there are no imports in the cement sector, he said that 81 million tons of cement were produced in the country in 2017 and that it will increase further in the coming years.

According to Bulut, nearly 100,000 people are being directly employed in the cement sector and the figure will increase in the coming years.

Underlining that the cement sector grows very quickly, he said, "Cement consumption per capita in Turkey is around 850-900 kilograms. We expect this figure to reach 1,100-1,200 kilograms. We do not have to invest until 2025."

Stressing that urban transformation is the key driver for the cement industry, Bulut said that it affects all consumption. "We support urban transformation. We find it important because it minimizes the earthquake effect and leads to the building of more secure structures. We encourage it to spread," he added.

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