Chinese examine Turkish facilities for raisin imports

Published 10.09.2018 21:35

Following China's decision to import raisins from Turkey instead of from the U.S., a Chinese delegation visited Turkey and examined the facilities of one of the largest raisin exporters in the country.

Chinese food companies have decided to stop raisin imports from the U.S. and Chile and to import Turkish raisins instead. To this end, a three-person delegation from China examined Alaşehir Tariş Integrated Facilities and received the relevant information. The Chinese delegation stated that they liked the facilities, thanking the Turkish authorities for their interest.

Raisins Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union Chairman Ali Rıza Türker shared the details of the visit, saying, "Thanks to good relations between the Turkish and Chinese governments and the positive approach of diplomats, Turkish raisins will begin to be consumed in China. This will benefit both countries. China is the highest populated country in the world."

According to Türker, China is the largest grape producer in the world and consumes 83 percent of grapes in fresh form, uses 12 percent for wine production and dries only six percent. Thanks to the recent good relations with Turkey, China decided to import raisins from Turkey instead of the U.S. Accordingly, Chinese delegations have begun visiting Turkey. Indicating that Alaşehir is Turkey's grape storehouse, Türker stated that Tariş Integrated Facilities, one of Turkey's largest raisin exporters, operates in Alaşehir. Stressing that the Chinese delegation liked grapes processed at the facilities, Türker said that negotiations between the parties will continue. "Hopefully, we will have good yields in the future. This is a great opportunity which Turkey must seize well," he said.

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