Qatari partner of Turkish retailer Boyner raises share in company

Published 15.11.2018 00:27

Boyner's Qatari partner Mayhoola has increased its share in Boyner Retail to 53.95 percent. The Istanbul Asset Management, which has filed a lawsuit against the company's paid capital increase, will sell its 11.27 percent share for TL 117 million. With the disclosure of the transaction, the shares have seen a 15 percent rise on the stock market, while the market value of the company on the stock exchange has reached TL 1.3 billion.

When the transaction is completed, the company's free float rate will fall to 2.24 percent except for the shares of Boyner family members.

Issuing a statement via the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), Boyner Retail said that a share purchase and sales contract was signed on Nov. 13 between Meyhoola and the Istanbul Asset Management which acted as a vendor on behalf of the Istanbul Asset Ark II Hedge Fund.

The statement said, "With the finalization and clearing of the transaction specified in the contract, Boyner Retail shares with a nominal value of TL 29.04, corresponding to 11.27 percent of Boyner Retail capital, will be acquired by Mayhoola for a total of TL 117.05 million."

Prior to the transaction, Boyner Holding had a 42.8 percent share of Boyner Retail, while Mayhoola had 42.68 of it. A total of 11.27 percent out of the company's publicly held 14.52 percent share belonged to the Istanbul Asset Management, while the 1.11 percent of the remaining share belongs to Boyner family members. Following the share purchase transaction, the free float rate fell to 2.24 percent. While the share of the Qatari partner in Boyner Retail will soar to 53.95 percent, Boyner Holding's share will remain at 42.80 percent and the 1.11 percent share will continue to belong to Boyner family members. The share of the Qatari partner will increase in the distribution of shares. However, it is not known whether the distribution of rights in the administration will change.

In April 2015, Qatari investment fund Mayhoola for Investments bought a 30.7 percent stake in Turkish retailer Boyner Perakende for TL 885 million.

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