Human resources firm to take 10,000 Turkish workers to Germany

Published 26.11.2018 23:48
Updated 27.11.2018 00:17

The Germany-based human resources company OBM will be taking 10,000 Turkish workers to Germany in the first phase in 2019.

"This project will contribute to the Turkish economy. Therefore, we will be reducing the unemployment in the country," OBM Chairman Osman Taş said.The human resources company, which has been operating at 15 different airports in Germany for 10 years, has an agreement with the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR), according to Taş, who said the company plans to bring workers to Germany to primarily work in the health, logistics and ground-handling services sectors.

"We will bring workers to Germany because I believe in my own people. We have been doing this for 17 years and have taken many workers from many countries. But, we will consciously bring workers from Turkey because I know my nation. Germany's prior demand from us is for the workers to be skilled," he noted. Taş informed that there was a particular need for nurses, welders, electricians and truck drivers. "There is a need for nurses the most right now. We aim to bring 80,000 nurses in the first stage. Then, we need welders and electricians. They will number around 50,000. We will sign an 18-month contract with the workers," he said. The OBM chairman informed that the company aims to take between 5,000 and 10,000 workers in the first place in 2019, adding that applications have started and that the first batch of information has already been given to the consulate.

"Actually, our aim is higher. However, I think that there will be a very high number of applications and the work at the consulate will be extended. That is why I think the number will be around 10,000," Taş said. Speaking on the working conditions, Taş informed that nurses will have a salary of around 3,000 euros, while truck drivers will be earning around 2,500 euros plus overtime.

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