German Hansgrohe opens Water Studio store in Istanbul

Published 23.01.2019 01:13

A leading German manufacturer of showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks, Hansgrohe, launched a showroom called Water Studio in Istanbul, following the initial installment in Britain's capital London.

"Turkey is our door opening to Europe, and we are here to stay," said Jürgen Kalmbach, CEO of Hansgrohe, which at its new showroom enables visitors to test out the products first-hand.

Noting that they do not have any hesitations regarding the studio that required an investment of 450,000 euros ($512,700), Kalmbach said they have never considered Turkey as a temporary market, stressing they have not been disrupted by currency fluctuations whatsoever.

He said they see Turkey as a door opening to Europe, and they have been operating in Turkey for over two decades. "We made a Hansgrohe investment five years ago, and we have been satisfied with the figures so far," he continued. "The market is growing fast, and we are one of the major players especially in the premium segment. We will grow further. We are here to stay. Istanbul, on the other hand, holds a very crucial position to reach the Middle East and Eastern Europe."

Underlining that they attach importance to the production of energy-saving products in order to prevent the impoverishment of water resources gradually increasing in value throughout the world, Kalmbach said they have launched products that save up to 65 percent of water used.

The Hansgrohe CEO noted they have encountered problems such as inflation and parity in many countries around the world. "What matters is sustainability. We have never been a company that leaves the market in the slightest distress, especially in a country with high potential such as Turkey," he added.

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