Modernized customs gate to boost Turkey's trade with Iran

Published 21.02.2019 00:05

The Kapıköy Customs Gate, which began its modernization process two years ago in the Saray district of Van province, is now in service.

The customs gate is expected to further contribute to trade with Iran in Van, which has the longest border with that country, and contribute to regional tourism.

As one of the most modern land border gates in Turkey, the fully equipped customs complex cost nearly TL 100 million and will make the region a trade and tourism center.

The Kapıköy Customs Gate, connecting Van, which is 90 kilometers from the city center and the Iranian city of Khoy, is on an area of 70,000 square meters, including open, closed and green areas.

The customs gate has all of the up-to-date equipment needed at customs gates, such as modern passenger entry and exit platforms, administrative services buildings, other buildings, smuggled goods warehouse, a search hangar and X-ray scanning systems.

Saray District Governor and Border Gate District Administrative Officer Mehmet Halis Aydın said that the Kapıköy Customs Gate was put into service on Friday, adding that the customs gate opened with the most modern techniques as a result of two years of modernization work.

According to Aydın, the customs gate is used by many Turkish people and Iranian tourists. Highlighting that the gate will contribute to Saray, Van and all of Turkey, Aydın said that free shops and other areas would be completed soon. Indicating that the gate has started to work at 100 percent capacity, he added, "We look forward to welcoming our guests from Iran and want to host people who want to cross the border from our country."

Stressing that the Seljuk architecture stands out as part of the Kapıköy Customs Gate, Aydın said: "The first thing tourists will see when they come to our country will be a unique architectural style. The Seljuk architecture style is reflected on the doors. This is noticeable on tiles, other decorations and other colors. Iranian tourists will be informed about the history of our country while they are still at the border. I would like to thank all the officials and architects who have contributed to this. I think they have created very beautiful work." Tourists that come to Van, particularly on holidays, Christmas, Nowruz and weekends, invigorate the economy in the city. With the introduction of the new customs gate, the number of Iranian tourists is expected to increase. "We think that transitions will increase with the new modern facility. March will be an indicator of this. We expect an increase in the number of Iranian tourists," Aydın said.

Service at the border crossing had been rendered in containers for two years. People said they were very happy to see the modern customs gate finalized, as they previously had to wait outside in the cold weather, noting that they can now go back and forth between the two countries under better conditions.

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