28,000 customers enjoy Istanbul with THY service

Published 23.02.2019 00:31
28,000 customers enjoy Istanbul with THY service

Turkish Airlines (THY) has introduced 28,000 passengers from 28 countries to the unique beauty of Istanbul over the past two years with the Stopover - accommodation in Istanbul - project.

THY's free accommodation service, Stopover, launched in March 2017 and offered to transfer passengers with more than 20 hours between flights, continues to raise passengers' experiences to a whole new level. As of 2019, more than 28,000 transfer passengers from 28 countries have taken the opportunity to discover Istanbul with the Stopover project.

The Stopover accommodation service, which was launched by the national flag carrier in March 2017 in Pakistan, set as a pilot region for the project, has been expanded in scope for 75 destinations in 28 countries since. It has been fully appreciated by passengers using Istanbul as a transfer hub. Flight destinations in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Australia, Ukraine, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, Iran, Portugal, Tunisia, the U.S., Spain, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China and India have also been included in the practice, whose scope has been expanded according to passenger satisfaction and demand.

"With the application we launched in March 2017, we offer our passengers the opportunity to discover Turkish hospitality and the unique beauty of Istanbul," THY Assistant General Manager in charge of Marketing and Sales Ahmet Olmuştur said regarding THY's new practice. "In 2018, we covered 16 countries, including Japan, China and India. We aim to expand the scope of our project, which contributes to the development of our country's tourism, together with our new airport."

Seventy-one percent of the passengers staying in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, during their trips by choosing the Stopover accommodation service said that they traveled with Turkish Airlines for the first time and that Stopover was an important factor for their preference. Pakistan, Russia and South Africa took the lead among the countries using this application.

With the Istanbul Airport, which will make Turkey the world's new aviation center, a significant increase is expected in the number of transfer passengers to Istanbul. Transfer passengers who will use Istanbul as a transfer hub will be able to make their trips more comfortable and enjoyable with the Stopover accommodation service when they have more than 20 hours between the two flights. The scope of the Stopover application will also be expanded in this process.

With a hotel check issued following the ticket purchase, Stopover passengers will be accommodated in a five-star hotel for two days for business class trips, and in a four-star hotel for one day for economy class trips, free of charge in the city's Sultanahmet and Taksim districts.

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