Turkish cement sector exports surge 46 percent in first half

Published 05.07.2019 00:07

Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association (TÇMB) Chairman Nihat Özdemir said cement sector exports in the first half increased by 46 percent to $444 million compared to the same period the previous year.

At a press conference organized in collaboration with the TÇMB and the Cement Industry Employers' Association (ÇEİS), "Confident Steps from Past to Future: Development of Turkish Cement Industry and Strategic Recommendations," a report prepared by Deloitte Turkey, was shared with the press.

Speaking at the meeting, TÇMB Chairman Özdemir said that the Turkish cement sector continues to contribute to Turkey's economy by producing approximately 71 million tons of clinker and 75 million tons of cement annually in 2018 with a total of 74 facilities, 55 of which are integrated and 19 are grinding.

Özdemir said that the cement sector, which consists of 76 percent domestic and 24 percent foreign capital investors, ranks first in production in Europe and fourth in the world, stressing that according to 2018 data, they have a significant share in gross national product (GNP) with direct employment of approximately 19,000 people and $614 million in export income. "In the first six months of the year, cement exports increased by 38 percent to 5.3 million tons, while clinker exports soared 116 percent to 6 million tons," Özdemir added. "The U.S., Ghana and Israel take the lead in exports at the moment. Total exports in our sector increased by 46 percent to $444 million in this period. The cement sector took a fresh breath with a 46 percent increase in exports in the first half." Özdemir also said that he was elected as president of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) as of June 1, noting due to the amount of time he spent on this assignment, he could not allocate enough time for the chairmanship of the TÇMB; thus, he announced his decision to resign from the TÇMB.

ÇEİS Chairman Suat Çalbıyık, on the other hand, said that the Turkish cement sector aims to create more value for Turkey's economy and social welfare through its medium-term and long-term strategies.

Talking about the report they prepared in cooperation with Deloitte Turkey, Çalbıyık said, "According to the report, the cement sector generated TL 16.2 billion added value for Turkey with all its components in 2017, making a contribution of TL 3.7 billion to the public budget and providing employment to 27,000 people directly and indirectly." Its share in total exports increased to 37 per thousand with export revenues raised to $614 million, he added.

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