Antalya Film Festival announces shorts and documentary program

Published 08.11.2015 20:47
Updated 09.11.2015 15:12
Antalya Film Festival's documentary selection
Antalya Film Festival's documentary selection

The short films and documentaries that will be screened as part of the 52nd Antalya Film Festival have been announced. The festival will take place between Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 this year

The films that will be featured in the Short Film Selection and Documentary Film Selection of the 52nd International Antalya Film Festival has been announced. The festival will run between Nov. 29 and Dec. 6. Will take place under the presidency of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel. The festival which has been causing a stir in Antalya for over half a century will bring the newest and the best examples of the silver screen together with the cinema enthusiasts.

Short film selection features 10 short films that were selected from nearly 200 applications. The films present different stories from all over Turkey through a unique cinematic language. This year's short films will be screened at the Aspendos Theater, which has 800 seats, prior to the International Competition films screenings.

The Short Film Selection will feature 10 short films which are selected among nearly 200 applications. The films will present different stories from four corners of Turkey together with a unique cinema language. This year's Short Film Selection will be screened at 800-people capacity Aspendos theatre with the attendance of national and international cinema connoisseurs as well as movie buffs prior to the International Competition films screenings. One of the short films will be also presented Short Film Audience Award which will be chosen by the votes of the audience. Yakup Tekintangaç's "Azad", Ezgi Kaplan's "Balık Havuzu" (Fish Pond), Eytan Peker's "Dağınık Yatak" (Unmade Bed), Selcen Yılmazoğlu's "Hurşit," Ahmet Toklu's "Huzurevi" (Nursing Home), Onur Saylak & Doğu Akal's "Orman" (The Jungle), Zeynep Kocak's "Tik-Tak" (Tick Tock), Serdal Altun's "Uçurtma" (Kite), Cenk Ertürk's "Uzun Bir Gün" (A Long Day) and Mehmet Mahsum Akyel's "Zilan" will be displayed as a part of the Short Film Selection of International Antalya Film Festival.

Chosen among this year's documentary applications, the Documentary Film Selection features 12 films. The documentaries which are selected among short, medium and feature-length applications with different themes will present the perfect examples of the genre. The documentaries aim to reach out to a vast audience and will be screened with the participation of the directors as always. One of the films featured in the selection will be presented Documentary Film Audience Award. Atalay Taşdiken & Hacı Mehmet Duranoğlu's "Ah Yalan Dünya" (Oh Transitory Life), Emin Fırat Övür's "Anadolu Masalları" (Anatolian Tales), Orçin Uzun's "Taşi Topraği Bozuk Para Olan Şehir" (A City Where The Streets Are Paved With Coins), Muhammet Beyazdağ's "Çirok" (Story), Nursena Şimşek's "Godesbana," Yahya Ercan's "İmece Evi" (School of Natural Life), Faysal Soysal's "Kayıp Zamanlar" (Missing Times), Valeria Mazzucchi's "Motel Hasankeyf," Orhan Tekeoğlu's "Sıradışı İnsanlar" (Extraordinary People), Alkım Ün's "Sulak" (Wetland), Özgü Özbudak's "Timur Hakkında" (About Timur) and İnan Erbil's "Zerk" are featured in the documentary section.

The National Documentary Film Competition which was initiated within International Antalya Film Festival 10 years ago is composed of short, medium and feature-length documentaries that were evaluated by a jury previously; however, this year, the festival committee changed the regulations and the price money which was given to the Best Documentary previously is decided to be given equally to all the documentaries that are chosen for the selection.

The festival committee did not changed any other regulations related to the important place that documentaries hold as a part of the festival. To pave the way to the addition of new films to the selection, which offers a panorama of Turkey, Documentary Pitching Platform has been added to Antalya Film Forum which is held within the film festival every year. Two different documentary projects which will be chosen by a jury among at the forum will be presented TL 60,000 [$20,530] price money to support their project. The festival committee released a statement which emphasizes the importance of the documentary genre for the International Antalya Film Festival. "The International Antalya Film Festival is a whole with the national and international short, medium and feature-length fiction and documentary films. Every successful production which has been produce in Turkey found its place in the festival program for the last 52 years and will continue to play an important role for the festival," the statement suggested.

The statement also indicated the audience awards that will be given for both Short Film Selection and Documentary Film Selection aims to increase cinema enthusiasts' interest to the films featured in these selections and enable all film makers who produce productions in these genres to win a Golden Orange statue.

The festival committee has been criticized by the public for a while due to their policies regarding documentary films screened as a part of the International Antalya Film Festival. The statement underscored that they have taken all criticisms into consideration. "The committee cleared the way for documentaries to compete for in various categories including Golden Orange for Best Film as well as the grand prize money. The committee also decided to open new categories and initiate new projects for documentary film genre in the future," said the festival committee in their statement.

To support the documentary projects, the festival committee also has started working on DOCU TMR project which will be initiated with FILM TMR (Film Talent Marketing Rounds - Film Tomorrow) that will be promoted for the first time at the 52nd International Antalya Film Festival.

The International Antalya Film Festival will continue to brings exclusive films with cinema lovers while supporting the qualified production of new projects in Turkish cinema industry.

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