Beyoğlu Festival to screen selected Turkish movie classics

Published 22.08.2016 23:08
Updated 22.08.2016 23:09
Beyoğlu Festival to screen selected Turkish movie classics

The Türker İnanoğlu Foundation (TÜRVAK) Cinema Museum will present seven films produced by Erler Film and Türker İnanoğlu as a part of the Beyoğlu Film Festival.

The program titled "Erler Film-Türker İnanoğlu Presents," will feature films including "Oyunbozan" (Killjoy), "Karılar Koğuşu" (Women's War), "Vahşi Gelin" (Wild Bride), "Talih Kuşu" (Stroke of Luck), "Renkli Dünya" (Colorful World), "Ne Umduk Ne Bulduk" (What We Hoped, What We Get) and "Evcilik Oyunu" (Playing House), will be accompanied by an exhibition which lays bare the 60-year-old archives of the "Erler Film-Türker İnanoğlu" production company.

The exhibition will include film posters, photographs from film sets, original film scripts, awards and plaques from Erler Film, one of the oldest production companies in Turkey. The visitors will have a chance to access trailers for Erler Film productions via QR codes.

The Erler film archive comprises 205 films and 4,264 TV series, music and entertainment programs, and has been uploaded to a YouTube channel named "Erler Film-Türker İnanoğlu."

Erler Film-Türker İnanoğlu Presents will kick off with the screening of Orhan Aksoy's "Evcilik Oyunu" on Aug. 27 at TÜRVAK Museum Ali Efendi Hall, and will end with Nesli Çölgeçen's "Oyunbozan" on Oct. 22.

The festival program is free of charge; however, the visitors have to purchase tickets for the museum and the exhibition. The TÜRVAK Museum continues to host interactive museum events and various projects to pass down audio and visual cultural heritage to future generations using the latest technology.

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