'Megan Leavey' very close to Islamophobia, Turkish writer says

Published 24.08.2017 23:12
Updated 24.08.2017 23:15
'Megan Leavey' very close to Islamophobia, Turkish writer says

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and starring Kate Mara in the leading role, the war and biopic "Megan Leavey" premiers today and has its press preview at Kanyon Shopping Mall. After the premiere that was held recently, Yeni Şafak newspaper writer Suat Köçer spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA), saying that he did not like the film since he found it very close to Islamophobia.

Köçer said: "I think it is a film close to Islamophobia relating to the adventures of American soldiers in Iraq."

Calling the film problematic in many aspects, Köçer said: "Firstly, the story and the characters aren't realistic. I see that the story, the events and the characters weren't examined in detail."

He said the movie is a Hollywood cliche: "It has no special point or feature, but I mostly focus on the fact that the film is close to Islamophobia, relating to the adventures of American soldiers in Iraq."

Showing the scene in which ammunition hidden behind prayer rugs was found when an Iraqi Muslim's house was raided as an example, Köçer added: "It is clear that the film approaches Iraq and the events in Iraq from an orientalist perspective. Beyond this, there is an insulting approach to Muslims and the Middle East. For example, a soldier in the film talks about liking dogs and then adds that Muslims hate dogs and animals because of Islam. It is a very problematic approach. If we talk technically, the film is careless, superficial and full of cliches in terms of the story, the scenario and the characters."

Hatred and prejudice

Köçer said American military power was exaggerated in the film and the West made an appearance in this way. Implying even the love between the leading figure and a dog could not be reflected deeply, Köçer said: "A soldier having a strong love even for a dog has an exaggerated hatred in the film, and while she is very tolerant to her people, she behaves toward people of the Middle East with hatred. This is quite interesting. We don't need to talk about why the West went to Iraq or what they did here. It is clear. As a result, it is technically an unsuccessful production with Islamophobic elements. Its approach to Muslims and the Middle East is really irresponsible and the subtext has a strong prejudice."

The drama was adapted from a true story. It focuses on Megan Leavey and her presence in headlines around the world because of her struggle to save a military dog that was her partner.

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