Six films to debut this week

Published 13.10.2017 20:40
Updated 13.10.2017 20:41
Six films to debut this week

Happy End

Written and directed by Micheal Haneke, "Happy End" stars Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Fantine Harduin and Franz Rogowski.

The famous director's recent film, which has competed at Cannes this year, focuses on the migrant crisis in Europe in the background while talking about themes like problematic families, revenge between generations and a suppressed feeling of guilt.

Cİngöz Recaİ (Cunning Recai)

Adapted from Peyami Safa's novel by director Onur Ünlü, "Cingöz Recai" will meet with spectators this week. The film stars Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Haluk Bilginer and Meryem Uzerli. The story of the film, in which figures such as Musa Uzunlar, Fatih Artman, Algı Eke, Ushan Çakır, Selim Bayraktar, Hakan Boyav, Meriç Aral, Günay Karacaoğlu, Deniz Hamzaoğlu and Kenan Ece take roles, is about Recai, who is a philanthropist thief returning for a new heist.

Bir Nefes Yeter (One Nefes is Enough)

The film "Bir Nefes Yeter" was directed by Yasemin Erkul Türkmenli. It stars Seçkin Özdemir, Tuvana Türkay, Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, Hakkı Ergök, Galip Erdal and Nilüfer Kurt in the leading roles. The love drama was written by Pelin Karamehmetoğlu and it tells the story of two youths named Yaman and Nefes.

Taş (Stone)

"Taş" was written and directed by Orhan Eskiköy. It tells the story of a family who thinks a stranger who comes to their home is their long lost son of 20 years.

The drama features Muhammet Uzuner, Jale Arıkan, Beste Kökdemir, Ahmet Varlı, Saygın Soysal, Bülent Düzgünoğlu and Gonca Cilasun.

Happy Death Day

"Happy Death Day" stars Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Rachel Matthews, Charles Aitken and Jessica Rothe, who is known for the film "La La Land."

Directed by Christopher B. Landon, the thriller horror film tells the story of a university student Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) who finds herself in another student's room who she doesn't know. She is killed by someone masked when she is alone at her birthday party.

Actually, she isn't dead, and she wakes up to the morning of the same day again. She is then killed by the masked person in different places and in different ways every night. The young woman who wants it all to stop tries to find out who is the murderer.

Lighting Dindin

Directed by Wei-Feng Deng, the animation film tells the adventures of Dindin the firefly, after a sparkling robot comes to the forest where Dindin lives happily.

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