Students aim for both social consciousness, international success


The students from Giresun Sinan the Architect Anatolian High School aim to have international awards apart from their success at home with their short films, which resemble public service announcements.

Taking part in the Cinema Club, which was established five years ago within the body of the school, 20 students shoot short films about social subjects they deem important for public interest.

The students, who share these public service ads like films on social media, placed in many competitions in Turkey.

The club's managing teacher, Sinan Koca, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the club was founded in 2012 in order to support the development of the students in social events.

Noting Turkish people generally watch American and European films, Koca continued, "When we ask our children how to go to funerals, they will say 'with black clothes and glasses.' This is the effect of cinema. Actually, we don't have such a tradition in our culture. They changed us slowly through cinema. Therefore, if we want to give good and positive things to our children, we will do it through cinema. This is why cinema is so important. We make short films to satisfy the souls of our people."

After mentioning about "Açmaz" ("Dilemma"), which was their first film about technology addiction, Koca added, "Technology captured us. We can't balance on this matter and experience a dilemma. We handled this subject in our first film. It managed to draw the attention and got the first award at the competition titled 'I chose,' which was organized by the Ministry of National Education on the Educational Informatics Networks [EBA]. We again gained important successes at various competitions held at universities. Our second film is "Bir Çift Yürek" (A Couple of Heart). We had the second and third award and also positive reactions at some competitions around Turkey."

Telling the film titled "İz" ("Trace"), which they shot last year, was considered worthy of the private jury award at the short film competition held at EBA, he said they later shot two short films titled "Atom" and "Bayram Simidi" ("Fest Bagel") about child labor.

'We want to be successful in the international area'

Sinan Koca reported that they also attract attention on social media and they are watched a million times.

"Fortunately, we had success in return for our efforts. We think we are on the right track. We appear before the jury with better scenarios and better works," said the teacher.

Noting they want to be successful in the international arena as much as at home, he added,"Our short film journey will continue. We believe we will climb the stairs of success and contribute to our students. Our aim is to introduce Giresun and our school to the whole world."

'Films present example of life'

One of the students taking part in the club, Ahmethan Fat, said he likes the art of cinema, which is the main reason he decided to join the club.

"The club is an important step for me to reach my dreams of cinema. I act in films and deal with some works behind the camera. I want to express my thanks to our teachers and managers who give this opportunity to us," said Fat.

Cansu Güldüz also implied that the club contributes to students like her. She continued, "It opens up our horizon. The films present some examples of life to us. Maybe I won't choose this profession as my job in the future but the films will leave a mark on me."

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