Seven films hit the silver screen this week

Published 25.02.2019 00:06


"Sibel," which won the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Award at the 71st Locarno Festival, was released this week.

The film, directed by French director Guillaume Giovanetti and Çağla Zencirci, features Damla Sönmez, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Emin Gürsoy, Elit İşcan, Gülçin Kültür Şahin and Meral Çetinkaya.

The Turkish, French, German and Luxembourgian coproduction tells the story of a young, mute girl who lives with her father and sister in the Black Sea Region and can communicate only through whistling.

‘New York in New York'

Muammer Koçak and Serdar Gözelekli directed "New York in New York," which revolves around three people who come together after an accident.

Written by Çağın Türker, the film stars Rafael Cemo Çetin, Mine Kılıç, Ahmet Yıldırım and Ahmet Utlu.

‘Döndüm Ben'

"Döndüm Ben" ("I am Back") is a film about a man who decides to end his marriage. After his wife stresses that she wants to have a baby, he consults one of his friends and interesting things start to develop.

Directed by Ömer Faruk Yardımcı, the film is written by Volkan Hamamcıoğlu and Cengiz Eşiyok. The comedy features Burak Satıbol, Ayhan Taş, Dilara Öztunç, Sadi Celil Cengiz, Volkan Başaran, Dost Elver and Yiğit Arı.

‘Tez: 13. Gece'

Written and directed by Taylan Işıklar, the horror film "Tez: 13. Gece" ("Thesis: The 13th Night") turns the camera to Gaye's therapy sessions with a young girl Narin, who has psychological problems.

‘Happy Death Day 2U'

In the sequel film "Happy Death Day 2U," the lead in the first film discovers that dying over and over is surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead. The film is directed by Christopher Landon and stars Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard and Ruby Modine in the lead roles.

‘Go Brother!'

Starring Yuchang Peng and Zifeng Zhang in the lead roles, "Go Brother!" is directed by Fen-fen Cheng. The Chinese production is about a girl who wishes her brother would leave her life because they cannot get along with each other. Her wish comes true and unexpected things happen.

‘Snezhnaya Koroleva: Zazerkale'

Directed by Aleksey Tsitsilin and Robert Lence, the animation "Snezhnaya Koroleva: Zazerkale" ("The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands") is about Gerda's journey to save her family.

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