8 movies in Turkish theaters this week

Published 02.06.2019 00:04
8 movies in Turkish theaters this week

'Güvercin Hırsızları'

Turkish drama "Güvercin Hırsızları" ("Pigeon Thieves") is about a young boy who raises and also steals other people's pigeons, and his life that evolves when he meets an 8-year old.

Starring Kutay Sandıkçı, Gökhan Yıkılkan, Burçin Sezen and Mert Buğra, the movie is directed by Osman Nail Doğan.

'The Hustle'

Directed by Chris Addison and starring Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Tim Blake Nelson, Alex Sharp, Ingrid Oliver and Meena Rayann, "The Hustle" will be in cinemas this week.

The remake of Frank Oz's 1998 "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" this time with two female characters is about how two broke hustlers, one from the high society and one from the lower class has to fight side by side to overthrow men who wronged them.

'Godzilla II: King of the Monsters'

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Bradley Whitford, Charles Dance, Ziyi Zhang and Ken Watanabe, "Godzilla II: King of the Monsters" is directed by Michael Dougherty. The adventure, sci-fi and action movie is about the struggle between Godzilla and the titans named Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.

In "Godzilla II: The King of the Monsters" the members of the crypto-zoology institution Monarch will put on a heroic struggle. In addition, when these super species belonging to ancient times return to life, they will start a war of supremacy, risking the survival of humanity.


The director of "The Help" Tate Taylor and Octavia Spencer, who was nominated for an Oscar with her performance in the movie, are together again for "Ma," which tells the story of tense events when a group of youngsters become friends with Sue Ann, who lives alone in the town. With Octavia Spencer in the leading role, the movie also features Diana Silvers, Luke Evans, Juliette Lewis, Allison Janney, Missi Pyle and Corey Fogelmanis.

'Astral Seyahat'

The Turkish horror movie directed by Hasan Gökalp, "Astral Seyahat" ("Astral Projection") is about the events that three friends named Çiğdem, Ece and Asla go through.

'Kral Midas'ın Hazinesi'

Directed by Mesut Çetin and staring İsmail Baki Tuncer, Orhan Aydın, Mehmet Ali Tuncer and Yaşar Alptekin "Kral Midas'ın Hazinesi" ("The Treasure of King Midas") is about a group of friends who follow a treasure map.

'Onun Filmi'

Directed by Su Baloğlu and Merve Bozcu, "Onun Filmi" ("Her Movie") is about the stories of four female directors.

'Kikoriki: Deja Vu'

The Russian animation "Kikoriki: Deja Vu" is about the story of Krash and his friends who join him on a time travel adventure.

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