Why is Israel doomed to lose?

Published 25.07.2014 00:47

Nowadays the minds of many are preoccupied by the question of why the markets have not been knocked even though Europe is suffering from a crisis and the Middle East and Caucasia are in the midst of ongoing chaos that could evolve into total war. Well, here is an answer that could disturb the questioners: There is a new period that is hiding behind this jumble which is telling us a total salvation rather than a total war is on the horizon.

Let us begin with Israel's attacks and atrocities against Gaza. This time, Israel will encounter a serious and unexpected defeat in political, diplomatic and military terms. Along with the Netanyahu administration, other Israeli political parties, which are dedicated supporters of the warmongering and fascistic expansionist policies of the government, are doomed to lose their power and influence.

If you follow it closely, Israel is suffering heavy losses that it never expected. Perhaps, this is the first time since 1967 that Israel faces such an insistent and strong resistance. This has military, political and economic impacts. When it comes to military and political ones, the insurgent groups against Israeli occupation have experience and the capacity for organization that has come from a years-long struggle. In addition to a strong communication network and weaponry, the Palestinian insurgents also use well-established guerilla tactics that cannot easily be overcome by Israel.

The U.S. encountered a similar wellequipped infrastructure in Vietnam and it was defeated. It has been proven since their defeat that resistance movements with extensive guerilla infrastructure garner local support and are often proven to be just in the eyes of world, will eventually win by being gradually constructed upon legitimate and increasingly extensive political grounds . Today the Palestinian resistance has reached this point for the first time. Well, why could they not come to this point previously? This is quite a significant question that requires a long answer; however, I would like to summarize it with two sentences: The Palestinian movement is getting rid of the dominance of the Middle East's autocratic Ba'ath regimes and bureaucratic state ideology. It is developing a new and comprehensive politics that is nourished by the demands and culture of the local community and goes beyond the limits of the nation-state.

If you pay attention, in the entirety of this region, including Turkey, development comes only when you escape statist and autarchic ideologies.
A second important reason for Israel's defeat is that the new world system has lost its economic and political dynamics and can no longer tolerate Israel with its current belligerence, as it is moving toward a new paradigm.

The ongoing state of war in the Middle East and Caucasia has occurred because of the economic and political requirements of the 20th century and the Cold War. Now, this situation is volatilizing. The U.S. and the U.K. have to acknowledge that they cannot prevent the countries in the region from providing political stability through an open economy and democracy.

Capitalism is a very dynamic system which has recently hit the wall. The present crisis has removed the opportunities that provide the continuity of capitalism, which survives thanks to arms sales among nation-states.

Today, technology reaches everywhere and nuclear weapon technology is no longer possessed by the dominant states of the West alone. This being the case, the same détente policy, which was mutually adopted by the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War against the threat of nuclear weapons, has now occurred between the dominant Western states and the rest of the world.

The system, in which scarce goods are very valuable and can only be owned by the dominant powers, is now changing and transitioning into a new one in which abundant goods are valuable and everyone is provided with their share. At this point, we are getting rid of a system that is determined by capitalism and developing something new which will allow technology and information to reach everyone.

Symbolically, there are tablet computers in the hands of African and Middle Eastern children instead of Kalashnikovs. This means there is no room in the world for Israel with its current attitude and it is bound to fail as can be seen in the most recent show of support for Palestine. Because the party against which Israel wages war is more qualified and better conditioned than it, Israel can tolerate the deaths of 10 of its soldiers in a day for a month at the most, while the Palestinians have been killed indiscriminately since 1967, hardening their resolve. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not much different to the situation with Israel. Russia cannot continue like this.

Despite the chaos, the oil prices in no way pass the level of $110 and as such countries like Saudi Arabia that support wars, Israel and Ba'ath regimes in the Middle East for many years, have lost the monopoly of controlling oil supply. In the new policies of the U.S., there is no room for a Saudi oligarchy. For the first time in its history, the U.S. has decided to export oil. This decision has both economic and political implications.

Turkey is on the verge of changing its energy balances with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Iran also comes into play; however, there is no other way for Iran to join the Southern Gas Corridor that is under the control of Turkey. Germany and Russia are on the rack, as Germany is deeply concerned and fearful that its economy will fail if any sanction is applied to Russia. The cooperation between Germany and Russia has unfolded and showed its true colors, while the cooperation of Saudi Arabia with Syria and Israel has also come to light.

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), which has been created by these countries and the neocons in the U.S. has revealed itself as well. I am very optimistic that this uncertainty will end in the near future and the whole region including Turkey will go through a decade between 2015 and 2025 which will pave the way for welfare and democracy.

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