Rodrik still neurotic

Published 02.07.2014 00:19

After the verdict by the Supreme Court of Appeals that all suspects in the Sledgehammer (Balyoz) Case had their right to fair trial violated, all the defendants were released. Now there will be a retrial and those who plotted a coup and those who were involved in this coup attempt, as a result of their positions, will be distinguished. The no. 1 suspect in this case, the retired General of the 1st Army, Çetin Doğan was also released pursuant to the Supreme Court of Appeals' decision. It probably was a day of joy at the Rodrik's since the father-in-law was finally returning home. But this was not the case. Dani Rodrik resurfaced after his father-in-law was released as he felt the need to explain that he was vindicated. His father-in-law had stated that he was "acquitted" to TV cameras after his release and this unrealistic belief that being released means that the suspect was not guilty seems to run in the whole family. Yet, the Supreme Court of Appeals' decision does not actually mean that the suspects were not guilty. It just means that some rules were violated to the detriment of the suspects during the trial process. After the retrial, some of the suspects who were initially found guilty might be acquitted. However this is highly unlikely for Doğan.

When he was the Commander of the 1st Army Doğan developed a very concrete and detailed plan to overthrow the AK Party government without the approval of his superiors by deceiving them. Further, he used real names, dates and places at the seminar he organized. Again his motives were recorded at the seminar.

He did not hesitate to even indirectly state his aims at this seminar, which were recorded and which he has not denied. "You probably all understand that this seminar has certain aims," he said. His intentions were clear and we cannot argue that they have changed. As a matter of fact, when he was released he said "our struggle will continue."

It is understandable that the son-in-law, Rodrik cannot be objective. It might be hard for him to act according to certain ideals since he is related to the no. 1 suspect in the Sledgehammer Case. If Rodrik had acted a little bit more modest, everything would be ok. But to the contrary, he insisted on giving himself away. He still argues that accusations that this was indeed a coup attempt were based on a fabricated CD.

First of all, this CD is only one piece of evidence and all other evidence indicates that there was indeed a coup attempt. Secondly, the claim that the CD was fabricated is not backed by facts. We do not know who made additions and changes to the CD and we do not know why.

If the CD was fabricated by the plotters themselves, then, since they would know that the CD would be used as evidence, wouldn't they have been more careful with it? If such changes were the updates of the plotters, since this was a document only used by them, then, they wouldn't have acted so meticulously. The reliable information at hand indicates that the final version of the CD was made after 2003.

Therefore, the whole CD was likely prepared after 2003 and Rodrik's whole argument is based on this fact, because he needs a claim that will "prove" that the plotters exist.

However, since he claims to be a man of science he has to accept this fact: it is possible that the CD was produced after 2003. Again it is possible the CD was produced and updated by those behind the coup and this is a more realistic point of view. The main problem here is, even if there was no CD, there is further evidence indicating that a coup was plotted.

It may be hard for the son-in-law to accept, but he has to get used to this fact.

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