ISIS, Turkey and the US

Published 20.09.2014 02:13

A friend of mine has a son who has lived in the U.S. for years. He studied there and now works as a psychological counselor at a U.S. university and is married to a U.S. citizen. Recently, he received a notification letter from CompassBank, where he had kept his money for years. The notice said both his and his wife's accounts were closed, and their balance would be sent via a check on the grounds that he is a Turkish citizen and posed a "safety risk."

Paranoia is such a common disease nowadays. The real causes of this disease are the ambiguity created by ignorance, the inability to cope with it and the transformation of fear into a maximalist sense of safety. The Western world, which has difficulty in comprehending what is going on in the Middle East, actually was quite relieved thanks to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Thanks to ISIS, there is true "evil" and an indisputably malevolent force. As all other matters remain of secondary importance in the face of such a danger, it became possible to escape responsibility as well. It is forgotten that the real one in charge of the situation in Iraq and Syria is the U.S. ISIS emerged in a conflict atmosphere following the U.S. invasion of Iraq that was based on huge lies. After the invasion, the U.S. made another critical mistake with Nouri al-Maliki ruling Iraq. His sectarian policies against Sunnis caused ISIS to find legitimate political ground.

During that time, its initial name was not ISIS, but the Iraqi Islamic State. This armed movement was divided into several parts, and one of them passed to Syria and joined al-Qaida. Then it was kicked out of al-Qaida, becoming ISIS, and now its name is simply the Islamic State. In this period, the course of events and power balances were not yet clear when ISIS had contacts with the opposition in Syria.

If Western countries had paved the way for the Syrian opposition to obtain weapons, maybe this "evil" would not exist today. But the West gradually made the Syrian opposition dependent on armed groups in the region since combating Bashar al-Assad's forces required arms. Meanwhile, thousands of people who were already proponents of radical Islam joined ISIS from all over the world. So, this terrorist organization turned into a power that forms the balance and determines the direction of politics in Syria and spread to Iraq afterward.

Now, for Western countries, especially the U.S., the addition of the lie that Turkey intentionally provides aid to ISIS to the truth that militants reaching ISIS pass through Turkey reveals a "suitable" picture since it makes this paranoia a reality and leaves this responsibility to Turkey while discharging Western countries of any duty. However, Turkey recognized ISIS as a terrorist organization just six months after the organization became publicly known, which is much earlier than many Western countries. Turkey also has made an effort to keep its distance from the Syrian opposition.

The U.S. only watched the incidents that were actually created by the U.S. itself. When things got worse they assigned another instead of Maliki by bribing him with a substantial amount of money. But no change was observed in Iraq. Sectarian policies are still ongoing and as long as the policy of excluding Sunnis lasts, ISIS will continue to be a substantive actor.

Meanwhile, the operation of affiliating ISIS with Turkey began to yield results. Paranoia led CompassBank to open discrimination and a kind of "mobbing" activity against citizens of Turkey. Maybe they thought they would be relieved that way and keep their bank away from possible "terrorist" capital. Or maybe they thought they contributed to the extraordinarily "successful" Middle East policy of the U.S. with this implementation. They could maybe even expect their government to give a human rights lesson to Turkey.

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