Turkey as a strong leader, a must for the region

Published 18.07.2014 23:23

Recent events in the Middle East have resulted in a disheartening situation for humanity. In terms of humanity's development, I am a devout follower of Ibn Khaldun's school, and thus I believe in the existence of progress.

However, the present wrongs are turning the world into an arena of tribal warfare, while the unlawful acts of states exacerbate current injustices. Indeed, the so-called "world system" seems to have turned into a biased apparatus of colonialist empires.

After the end of the World War I, almost all Islamic countries were occupied. What's worse is the fact that countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria have still been occupied over and over again. International media outlets broadcast gloomy reports about numerous conflicts and wars in Islamic countries.

Regarding countries like Israel or Myanmar, news reports are related tp the slaughter of Muslim civilians while the rest concern internal conflicts among Muslim communities.

Many Muslim intellectuals associate problems in Muslim countries with the clumsiness of Muslim rulers or the vulgarity of the Muslim peoples.
However, it is manifest that the present wars and tensions in the Middle East, including those related to tribal warfare, emerged from British colonial rule, and thus the natural harvest of the colonial past.

In countries that were occupied after the end of the World War I, the formation of national rebellions or popular independence movements became difficult, if not impossible, simply because, religious and ethnic tensions were designed to hamper unity among Muslim countries.

Thus, there is no need for British or American troops in Syria or Iraq, when the divided citizens are already strangling each other. The main reason behind civil wars in Islamic countries is their colonial experience but the Western hegemonic powers are still in pursuit of new alliances in Muslim countries.

The bloodthirsty, submissive, promandate, sectarian and British-patented groups wage wars against each other. The ideal Muslim type that the Western colonial mind despises is represented by true Muslims living in Egypt, Turkey and Malaysia.

Therefore, the democratically religious, anti-colonial, independent and non-violent components of the Muslim world have long been targeted by political intrigues. The ongoing genocide of the civilian population in Palestine demonstrates clearly that all of the mechanisms of the so-called human welfare and peace are either dysfunctional or biased.

The open supremacy of power over justice proves to all the citizens of the world that we fall behind the periods of tribal warfare.

Thus, Turkey as a strong state, that both protects the rights of its own citizens and acts as the conscience of the oppressed Muslims and the whole world, was a must for the Middle East in particular and the world as a whole.

Only power can stop the colonial emporia that offers nothing but more torture to the land we left once upon a time. Russia's actions in Ukraine have already shattered basic principles of the Western system.

The need for a new and strong Turkey goes beyond the needs of the Turkish public by reaching those oppressed nations severely in need of moral requisite.

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