Similarities between FETÖ and DAESH

Published 19.08.2016 21:42
Updated 21.08.2016 20:23

History has recently witnessed the rise of two intriguing terrorist organizations. In this column, I would like to try to make sense of functional similarities between these two terrorist organizations, both of which abuse the sacred religion of Islam for profane motives.

DAESH made their appearance in Syria and Iraq four years ago, and is a terrorist organization which blatantly abuses Islam to excuse atrocious crimes against humanity, uses ferocious methods of violence in stark contrast to all Islamic tenets, and advertises itself to the world in an awkward manner, even though the technical quality of their propaganda matches that of Hollywood professionals.

Since DAESH's first days, when their outrageous methods of violence shocked the world, they have been presented as Islam's rebellious children.

The American war on Iraq was one of the most unlawful and unjustifiable wars of the 21st century, and the ensuing occupation was built upon unfounded allegations, such as Saddam Hussein's possession of chemical weapons and his purported assistance of al-Qaeda. These lies were first discussed in the U.S. Congress, and Colin Powell as the chief of staff during the period accused the administration of President George W. Bush in this respect. While the Iraqi occupation thus traumatized the U.S. administration, Iraq has fallen into chaos and more than 1 million people have lost their lives.

Notwithstanding the chaos of Iraq and the horrific trauma experienced by the Iraqi Sunnis, DAESH nonetheless emerged as an artificial organization to be used by global powers.

DAESH's founding characteristics are as follows:

- DAESH leadership has been ambiguous and dubious, while the internal structure has been penetrated by international intelligence organizations.

Despite lacking religious motives, DAESH abuses Islam to acquire human and financial resources.

By carrying out ferocious crimes under the name of Islam, DAESH serves to raise Islamophobia around the world.

DAESH seems to be the culmination of al-Qaida, which was founded by the U.S. during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

DAESH absorbs ignorant youth and people prone to violence and crime.

The participation of thousands of people from all corners of the world in DAESH recalls the war in Afghanistan. Through abusing the concept of jihad, the U.S. managed the Afghan resistance against the Soviet invasion.

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for U.S. presidency, has claimed that DAESH was established by the President Barack Obama administration.

DAESH appears to be a sophisticated apparatus for terrorism, one which has been used by global intelligence organizations to deepen chaos in the Middle East.

The Gülenist Terrorist Group appears to be the twin brother of DAESH, and has facilitated the occupation of the Islamic world by Western colonial empires. Their similarities are stark:

The Güleni Movement abuses Islam to procure human and financial resources.

Influential over ignorant masses.

No transparent leadership structure.

While the former exploits their charismatic leadership, religious pomposity and formality, the latter is founded exploiting the religious idea of a Mahdi or Messiah.

On July 15, the military junta, like DAESH militants, murdered unarmed civilians in the name of religion.

Like DAESH militants, Gülen terrorist group members are ignorant of their leaders' motives and follow orders unquestioningly.

Both terrorist organizations attack Muslims in the name of Islam.

While the first leader emerged from the American Camp Bucca in Iraq, the latter resides in Pennsylvania.

As Muslims, since we believe these terrorist organizations violate the basic tenets of Islam, they appear to be invented terrorist organizations that serve the purposes of international intelligence organizations; just as during the Afghan war, they serve ongoing chaos in the Muslim world. Thus Fethullah Gülen and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are two reflections of global terror that are exploited by the global system.

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