Israel gets a free hand to finish off Gaza

Published 18.07.2014 23:01

It is all done in the name of self-defense according to the U.S. and U.K. They are simply trying to justify what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people and the world is swallowing it.

Israel, armed with the aid it receives from Washington and other Western capitals, is not only raining bombs down on Palestinians in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan, but it has now launched a land offensive in the Gaza Strip to massacre people that it could not with its rockets.

The pretext, of course, is to eliminate Palestinian extremists, but once again the victims will be women, children and elderly Palestinians.

For days, even Western media has displayed photos and videos showing bodies of children killed by Israel bombs. Yet no one even feels the slightest remorse in these Western countries that call all this "an act of self-defense."

They all say Israel has a right to finish off Hamas while Israel is actually finishing off an entire nation by ethnic cleansing - and Western powers are an accomplice to this crime. Unlike the Syria, Palestine does not have Russia or China to back them at the useless body called the U.N. Security Council.

If any other country had done one tenth of what Israel is doing today against the Palestinians, Western powers led by the U.S. would make life hell for them. Yet here we see approval of what Israel is doing.

People who cherish democracy, freedom and civilized life have always looked upon the U.S. as a role model. Yet, with the current attitude of Washington, we see that they have clearly steered away from what makes the U.S. great and have turned their backs on the basic principles that the founding father set for them.

Yes, no one in the West dares tell Israel that enough is enough. But what about the Islamic world? What about the silence of Islamic countries? Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was right in lambasting the Islamic world for its silence and inactivity as Palestinians continue to be butchered.

Turkish Religious Affairs (President Mehmet Görmez was right in saying that Israel also draws encouragement from the fact that the Islamic world is not only politically divided, but Muslims are killings other Muslims, and this only gives Israel a free hand to exploit this situation to finish off the Palestinians.

Israel does not want a Palestinian state. Israel does not want Palestinians to unite. Thus, as soon as Hamas and Fatah forged an agreement and united, Israel saw the danger of a united Palestine and created an alibi with the killing of three Israel teenagers and then the revenge killing of a Palestinian youngster to launch its operation that the Americans called an act of selfdefense.

So first the Islamic world should put its house in order. Thus, the body of Turkish Religious Affairs has taken the bold move to bring together more than 180 leading Islamic scholars from around the world in Istanbul to chart a course to end the chaos in the Islamic world. Turks are doing their share of living up to God's expectations and the expectations of the Prophet Mohammed. Can members of the rest of the Islamic world say the same thing?

Without Muslims united, no one will take notice of the plight of Palestinians. No one should expect anything from the West.

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