A short-sighted alliance against Turkey

Published 11.11.2014 01:32

It is sad that enmity makes people do all kinds of senseless things. Enmity might even force you into saying that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Yet all of these types of concepts are usually short-sighted and short-lived alliances that are, in fact, counterproductive.

The Greek Cypriots still do not accept the idea that Turks also live on the island and they have the right to self-determination as much as they have this right to self-determination in Cyprus. They still have this wrong mentality that the island, in fact, belongs to them and that the Turkish Cypriots are a passing phase, simply guests who will, sooner or later, be driven off the island and sent back to the Turkish mainland.

With that mindset, it is no surprise that the Greeks do not accept the fact that the resources of Cyprus belong to the Turks as much as the Greeks and that they have to share these resources in a just manner. Thus they take unilateral steps to issue oil exploration licenses around the island and issue oil prospecting tenders.

So Turkey has to defend the rights of the Turkish Cypriots in view of this attitude that stinks of deep enmity.

As soon as the Greek Cypriots realized that the peace talks with the Turkish side was heading toward a solution, they realized they could not afford such a development and sabotaged the negotiations, simply walking out with the claim that Turkey was threatening Greek Cypriot sovereignty by sending a seismic research ship for initial oil exploration studies.

At first, the Greek Cypriots forged closer ties with Israel trying to capitalize on the cool relations between the Jewish state and Turkey. As if this was not enough, now they have held a summit in Cairo with Egypt and Greece to establish a new alliance against Turkey. The Greek Cypriots are aware that Turkey does not recognize the junta regime of Egyptian leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has opposed el-Sissi and his regime from the very moment the military toppled the elected government of President Mohammed Morsi. So the Greek Cypriots have rallied the Greek government and el-Sissi to set up this "front" that is being created to stall Turkey. The Greek Cypriots surely know that Egypt is currently the sick man of the Middle East while Greece is regarded as the sick man of Europe, trying to survive on handouts from the European Union. Such an alliance lacks the strength to counter Turkey, or any other country in the region for that matter. The EU, which opposes el-Sissi's regime, should question an alliance that has Greece and Greek Cyprus as two of its members and is designed to create discord rather than create any good for our region. Have the Greeks received the blessing of the EU in their moves against Turkey? If so, this should be made public.

Greece has to understand that instead of creating new areas of conflict with Turkey, they should seek ways to forge better ties and cooperate with Ankara, even if just for the sake of the future of Cyprus as a whole.

Turkey will soon provide water and electricity for the Turkish Cypriots. The water-hungry Greek Cypriots could also benefit from this. The Turks are ready to share their loaf yet we see that the Greeks are not prepared to share anything with the Turks.

This should be an eye opener to the Europeans as well as the United States.

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