The Armenian diaspora's misleading show

Published 15.04.2015 22:10

Western politicians are either too naïve or they are extremely sinister and do not mean well for the well-being of Turkey. The controversy over the incidents of 1915 in eastern Anatolia, where the Ottomans are blamed by those who have been misled by the global Armenian lobby for committing genocide, is raging like mad as the April 24 anniversary of the so-called incident approaches.

That is exactly what is happening with Turkey and the Armenians. The Armenians have made the world swallow a yarn that 1.5 million Armenians were massacred in 1915 by the Ottomans and Turkey has been made to pay the price all these years.

This year is even more special as it is the 100-year anniversary of the 1915 events and has sharpened the Armenian resolve to get the world to acknowledge that what has happened to their ancestors was an act of genocide.

Armenians gang up with Russians and massacred Turks in their tens of thousands and were punished by the Ottoman bureaucrats who moved them away from eastern Anatolia and to other parts of the empire, especially to lands in the Middle East. Yes, many perished in revenge killings, attacks by Kurdish gangs on the convoys and due to disease as they were forced to migrate. The fact that hundreds of thousand survived the events of 1915 and that the Armenians who live throughout the world are their grandchildren shows the extent of the Armenian exaggeration.

The Armenian diaspora put up a convincing show and the world was misled. No one bothered to check their own archives in the West to get to the bottom of the Armenian claims. Turkey failed to make its voice heard properly not only because of its incompetence but also because of the traditional Western enmity toward Turkey, and they turned their ears deaf in the Western capitals.

Now the Armenians are crying and shedding crocodile tears as they watch the world butcher Turkey. The so-called allies of Turkey in Europe on the other hand say "we are blaming the old Turks and not the current Turks for the massacres so there is no reason why you should be offended."

It seems these naïve gentlemen do not understand the fact that behind the Armenian claim is a much bigger game. The Armenians first want the world to acknowledge the ‘genocide claims'. Then their aim is to use this acknowledgement to build up their case to lay claim on Turkish territory in eastern Anatolia and also demand massive compensation for the so-called Armenian victims.

The events of 1915 belong to history. Turkey offered to set up a joint commission with Armenia to look into the allegations by opening up the historical archives and making public the old facts. The Armenians did not even respond.

If justice is to prevail, the Western powers should question why the Armenian diaspora and Armenian leaders sanctioned the assassination of so many Turkish diplomats and their dependents across Europe in the 1980s and no one did anything about it. After all, those killings were in modern times and not in the first days of the 20th century turmoil.

The pope has made a big mistake. The Europeans are following course. Let us hope the Americans don't get carried away.

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