Fight terrorism hand in hand with Islam

Published 17.11.2015 01:42

DAESH's latest terrorist attack in the name of Islam, while the religion itself frowns upon terror of all kinds, has once again demonstrated that to fight terrorism, the international community has to disregard differences in religious backgrounds and unite under the motto ‘terror has no religion'

The French are of course deeply concerned with the continued threat of DAESH terrorism and are pondering all kinds of measures to counter it after the attacks in Paris, which left 132 people dead, hundreds wounded and all of Europe in deep state of shock. This was the second such DAESH attack on Paris in less than a year.

DAESH has shown that you can bomb them out of this world in Syria and yet they will still hit back in the heart of Europe with a violence that can only be inherent in barbaric people.

Can anyone with a bit of common sense accept the argument that Islam is a religion of violence and conflict and that it is encouraging all of these massacres? On the contrary Islam is a religion of peace that offers security to all mankind. Muslims have created the morals and rules of coexistence that helped them build civilizations in the past where people of different religious beliefs, cultures, languages and races lived together side by side in harmony.

What Turkey and the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB) have done in recent years is to bring out the supreme values and high qualities of Islam as a divine religion. Turkey has sent imams and religious officials all over the world, especially in places like Germany where a Turkish minority is abundant and has provided proper religious services to these people while providing accurate information about the true qualities of Islam. Thus imams sent to Germany by the DİB have preached goodwill, patience when faced with adversity and compassion and affection for fellow human beings irrespective of their beliefs.

In countries where Turkey's religious authority has not been active or has not been allowed to be active is where extremist imams and "men of religion" have exploited and misled their Muslim congregations with wrong and false knowledge that has fanned hatred, alienation and frustration. This is an open invitation for trouble and that is exactly what we are observing in the case of DAESH. The lack of people to preach and teach accurate Islam has allowed people with ulterior motives to help DAESH flourish and the West is paying the price.

So we see an endless spiral where DAESH commits a crime hiding behind religion and the Western societies blame Islam and thus xenophobia turns into Islamophobia. Islamophobia creates more alienation and frustration among Muslim minorities thus adding to the ranks of extremists.

So the French authorities have started talking about closing down mosques and throwing imams and Muslim men of religion who are fomenting hatred out of the country. This may seem an attractive measure at first but it is superficial and will not get to the bottom of the problem.

The antidote for DAESH is Islam itself. Go hand in hand with Islam to fight DAESH and all those who are defaming Islam for their own ulterior motives. If you do not want to get involved in Turkey's religious authority, which has incidentally proven to be extremely effective, then find other ways to help your Muslim communities get accurate knowledge about Islam.

The DİB is making great efforts to promote the true and accurate face of Islam all over the world. Making use of Turkey's experiences may well be a golden opportunity to fight DAESH at its core.

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