The HDP municipalities face investigation

Published 24.06.2016 00:53

The HDP municipalities have used Turkish taxpayers' money to finance PKK militants through municipal funds

The deputies of the Kurdish nationalist Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) are not the only ones facing the wrath of the Turkish public for aiding and cooperating with the PKK terrorist organization. The municipalities in southeastern Turkey controlled by the HDP are also facing investigation and possible legal action for helping the PKK in its terrorist campaign.

Some deputies from the HDP now face charges of actively cooperating with the PKK while the HDP municipalities seem to have played a key role in the PKK attempts to takeover towns and districts of large cities and turn them into autonomous Kurdish entities.

It is no secret that HDP municipalities that do not generate their own funds and rely on state assistance to survive have actually done very little for their districts, while using most of the funds to payroll PKK sympathizers who have been given jobs and salaries. This of course is an unacceptable situation.

The HDP municipalities have not been able to match the huge infrastructure constructions in the western and northern parts of the country and have instead used all their money for salaries. Those who have traveled to southeastern Turkey see how clumsy and slow the local HDP municipalities are.

Instead of providing services to the local people, the HDP municipalities have put all their resources at the disposal of the PKK terrorists who have built tunnels under the towns and dug up hedges to plant bombs. The end result has been a secessionist uprising led by the PKK. People have been driven from their homes and districts have been devastated because of the fighting between the PKK and the state security forces. The PKK has used local people as human shields. About 500 Turkish soldiers and policemen have been killed during the incidents and there is said to be more than 100 civilian casualties. The PKK has lost 7,500 militants.

Of course, Turkish security forces have managed to tame the PKK in the towns and cities, which means now is the time to rebuild the devastated areas. However, here there are two issues.

One is the fact that the HDP municipalities, by cooperating with terrorists, have committed criminal acts and have to be punished. They have used Turkish taxpayers' money to finance terrorists through municipal funds. For this the government is planning to change the laws and allow municipalities like the HDP-controlled ones to be held responsible for their criminal actions.

The other issue is that when we are rebuilding the devastated areas, funds will be provided to the regions that should not fall into the hands of the incapable HDP mayors. These people have not only proven they are not capable of providing proper services, but that they also misuse funds.

All this means that the HDP municipalities could go to receivers. PKK terrorist chieftain Murat Karayılan has threatened Turkey by saying they will not give the HDP municipalities to receivers and has said they will attack the receivers. Is he so naive as to think that billions of liras of funds will be poured into the regions devastated because of PKK terrorism and that the state would allow these funds to fall into the hands of the mayors who support the PKK?

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