Daesh vanishing into thin air in Syria

Published 13.06.2017 01:38

No one really knew how the Daesh killers came about. They just appeared on the scene, wreaked havoc, beheaded people, displayed every form of cruelty and now they are vanishing into thin air in war-torn Syria. In Iraq they are about to give up Mosul and also gradually fade into the night as if they never existed.

At least in Mosul, Daesh put up a fight and after numerous clashes has succumbed to the Iraqi army and the coalition forces.

In Syria while everyone expected Daesh to put up a brave resistance and defy the American-backed units of the so-called Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of Raqqa, it is now clear that there will be no contest. The fact that there will be no fighting means fewer lives will be lost in Raqqa and the local people will be spared the carnage that has been experienced in nearby Mosul. But unfortunately, there is a more sinister explanation for the lack of casualties that, to say the least, is horrific.

Daesh did not display even one tenth of the resistance it put up when Turkey's army and the Free Syrian Forces (FSA) took out a chunk of northern Syria from Daesh with Operation Euphrates Shield and captured the city of al-Bab. What they did in Raqqa was to forge a deal with the Syrian terrorist forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing the People's Protection Units (YPG) allowing Daesh militants to flee the city.

It seems that unfortunately, the Americans knew all along that such a deal was in the offing and that is why they did not want Turkish forces in the operation to liberate Raqqa so that Turkey would not see the sinister plot that has openly saved Daesh and sent its fighters into safety.

This is completely against all the claims that the Americans have been making - that their primary aim in Syria is to destroy Daesh. It seems they do not want Daesh destroyed and they have given them the chance to flee Raqqa and go deeper into Syria in the south. What is interesting is that once the Daesh terrorists are out of Raqqa they simply vanish into thin air, which means they are leaving Syria and heading for various parts of the world and especially to Europe.

However, this plot has been cracked wide open by the Russians, who have simply displayed the insincerity of not only the Americans but also the Syrian militants.

No wonder Daesh has stepped up its terrorist activities in London, Amsterdam, Tehran and the Philippines.

What is alarming for Turkey is the fact that the Americans have armed the PYD and the YPG forces, which are extensions of the PKK terrorist organization that has been waging a secessionist terrorist war against Turkey for three decades. If the PYD and the YPG were not to use these weapons against Daesh, then why were they given these arms and vehicles in the first place? That is why many Turkish commentators are saying the U.S. armed the Syrian militants so that they would challenge Turkey from the south and not only help them to consolidate their existence in northern Syria but extend a helping hand to the PKK inside Turkey.

Turkey has to take steps to counter these dangerous developments and get the Americans to see the real dangers. Instead of accusing Qatar of helping Daesh, U.S. President Donald Trump would be well advised to take note of what his people are doing in Raqqa.

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