Why shouldn't Erdoğan resent Germany's attitude?

Published 13.09.2017 01:49

While the German government apparently follows an anti-Turkish campaign, it is not fair to expect Erdoğan not to raise his voice

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responding to questions put by him by the editors of leading newspapers said, "I resent the attitude of Germans," pointing out to the current tensions between Turkey and Germany.

The Germans try to draw a bleak picture about Turkey and its democracy and yet everything they do is to those who want to put an end to the democratic system in our country.

Why is Erdoğan so resentful about the German attitude toward Turkey in general and against the president in particular?

For one thing the Germans have launched an anti-Turkish campaign for more than two years declaring Turkey has veered away from democratic rules and values long before the campaign started and the political rhetoric was unleased especially against Erdoğan himself prior to the upcoming Sept. 24 parliamentary elections.

With growing momentum the anti-Erdoğan and hence anti-Turkish campaign in the German press and intelligentsia has been going on so much so for some people openly calling for the overthrow of Erdoğan and even his assassination. The German government has turned a blind eye as enemies of Erdoğan in Germany called for his assassination even offering a car to those who would fulfill this crime.

So why shouldn't Erdoğan be resentful of the German attitude?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel comes to Ankara, acts like a friend in front of Erdoğan and then returns home and acts like his number one enemy and adversary.

Wouldn't you resent such hypocrisy?

Erdoğan tries to go to Germany to explain to the one and a half million Turkish voters why they should vote in favor of constitutional changes prior to the April 16 referendum and yet the Germans shut their doors not only for Erdoğan but also to all Turkish politicians who wanted to launch a "yes" campaign in Germany while the adversaries of the changes were allowed to campaign freely. It was strange to see that the German state TV also promoted the "no" campaign. Even the PKK terrorist organization was allowed to rally against the changes in the German streets.

Wouldn't you resent such a German attitude?

The German government is openly shielding the coup plotters who failed in their bloody attempt to depose the government in Turkey on July 15, 2016… The German officials are giving refuge to more than 600 people who actively participated in the coup attempt and are providing them with financial assistance. These are the people who led the coup with their tanks and F-16 fighters killing 250 Turkish people and wounding more than 2,100.

Wouldn't you resent such German attitude?

President Erdoğan had handed a list of 4,500 PKK militants holed up in Germany who are involved in drugs smuggling, arson and extortion and has asked for their extradition. Germany which also regards the PKK as a terrorist organization has not lifted a finger to send even a single one of these people to Turkey.

While the Germans acted so adversely Turkey has stemmed the tide of Syrian and Iraqi refugees trying to get to Europe and instead of Merkel showing her gratitude to Turkey she has openly acted against Erdoğan.

If you were Erdoğan wouldn't you resent all these?

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