Won't the US hear the protests of Syrian Christians?

Published 31.08.2018 00:01
Updated 31.08.2018 00:03
Syrian Christians gather near their church to protest against the PKK-affiliated YPG terrorists shutting down their schools in the northwestern Syrian town of Qamishli, Aug. 18.
Syrian Christians gather near their church to protest against the PKK-affiliated YPG terrorists shutting down their schools in the northwestern Syrian town of Qamishli, Aug. 18.

Despite countless warnings from Ankara, the PKK-linked Marxist YPG group backed by the U.S. administration is threatening the lives and peace of regional Syrian Christians

It is clear the White House is anxious to win far right Christian votes in the November congressional elections; hence, there is an extraordinary effort to make an issue of the pastor Brunson case in Turkey.

So if the U.S. administration is so involved in the plight of Christians it is only normal that they raise their voices over the way the Marxist militants of Syria are treating the Syrian Christians, especially in the northwestern parts of the country they control just across the Turkish border.

It is really sad that the U.S. administrations past and present presented the militants of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing the People's Protection Units (YPG) as a "secular group of people with liberal views very close to the American mentality," whereas these were terrorists affiliated with the Marxist PKK, which is regarded as a terrorist organization by Washington and the European Union countries and has nothing to do with any human values. They are killers just like Daesh and al-Qaeda.

So now the American public has a chance to see the true face of the PYD and the YPG that received massive arms from the Pentagon with the pretense of fighting Daesh.

The American public should see clearly how the militants have ganged up against Christians as well as Muslims in the areas they have captured in Syria. They have not only violated the rights of the local people that inhabited the areas they conquered with American help, but they have moved to alter their lifestyles. They have silenced the opposition Kurds either by killing them or forcing them to flee to Turkey.

But the American public was kept in the dark about all these facts thanks to pro-PKK elements in the administration, especially at the Pentagon, but now the Syrian Christians have let the cat out of the bag.

First the Christians assembled in churches in the city of Qamishli in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border on Aug. 18 and protested the PYD and the YPG for violating the rights of Christians in the region, forcing school closures, harassing the clergy and confiscating Church property.On Tuesday Christian protesters were back in the streets of Qamishli again demonstrating against the PYD and the YPG for the closure of two Christian schools. The YPG terrorists dispersed the crowds after firing in the air.

The YPG has used schools in areas under its control to indoctrinate students with its militarist, ethnocentric ideologies. The terrorist organization has been teaching militarist ideas based on ethnic belonging in the schools for three years now. During the upcoming academic year, the YPG reportedly hopes to expand the use of its curriculum to high schools. The YPG hopes to make the curriculum it teaches to primary schools and ninth graders more widespread by teaching it to the 10th and 11th grades, as well. Parents who aim to keep their children away from terrorist propaganda lean toward private schools; however, the terrorist organization has not left these schools untouched either; raiding, threatening and eventually shutting them down. On Aug.10, the terrorist organization widened its pressure on education and shut down the Assyrian schools in Qamishli.

The Armenian and Assyrian private schools in the town of Malikiyah, also known as Derik in Kurdish, were also closed on Aug. 7 with decrees issued by YPG-linked local education authorities citing that they did not take necessary permissions or abide by the curriculum.

The Assyrian Democratic Society (ADS) had accused the YPG of "intimidating" the region's Assyrian community.

This is the sad picture of the plight of the Christians living under PKK terrorist domination thanks to the American administration. Will the U.S. administration see the monster they have created?

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