Does Austria use Kurz as a hitman?

Published 17.08.2016 22:59

Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Sebastian Kurz, who was only 26 when appointed to the position, was welcomed enthusiastically. Everyone hoped that a bright future awaited this young man who looks like a fresh university graduate. However, even before hitting 30, Kurz started to display some symptoms of Austrian arrogance, which is shared by many disgraceful fascists, including Hitler and Jörg Haider.

Those who think that the age for candidacy should be lowered, including me, threw in the towel in the presence of Kurz since he has dropped innumerable bricks so far.

Kurz was in charge of the integration of foreigners in his country. He soon turned into a proponent of assimilation who regards cultural differences as a threat to national security. He problematized freedom of faith and freedom to speak the mother tongues of the Middle Easterners who became Austrian citizens. Kurz is from the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP). However, radical nationalists encouraged by his remarks started to express the "love or leave" motto in the public sphere as German fascists had in the past.

The young politician also disgraced the diplomatic practices of Austria, a country that boasts its ceremonial traditions. He even attempted to dictate what Turkey's prime minister should say during his visit to Austria. He went even further and said that those who support a leader who was democratically and legitimately elected president of Turkey must leave Austria.

Currently, he mentions building some insurmountable borders against helpless refugees by disregarding the principles of human rights, which is the trademark of European civilization. His remarks are reminiscent of the Berlin Wall. He also did not forget to attack Turkey in this context, even though Turkey shoulders Europe's responsibility concerning the refugee issue.

His pedantic remarks like: "Turkey must do its homework," proves that he does not understand EU history and Turkey's role at all.

Saying that the EU is not obliged to help Turkey, the young minister evidently underestimates what will happen if Ankara truly adopts an open gate policy. No doubt he would regret his remarks if he tries to interpret the latest picture in Europe formed after Turkey, which shoulders the economic and social burden of 3 million refugees, slightly loosened its border policy.

I am sure he has also never heard that visa-free travel is a requirement of the 1963 Ankara Agreement and was returned by the EU to Turkey in 2004 as an "incontestable right."

But is it possible to justify the minister's wrongheaded remarks, which led to a serious crisis between Austria and Turkey, only because of his age and inexperience? I suppose the Austrian government does not consist of politicians who project their emotional delusions into the political arena.

Considering that the government has not issued any serious warning to this young and extremely fervent minister, it seems like they are content with the situation.

Obviously, the Austrian government uses the young minister, who reflects his hormonal imbalance to the country's foreign affairs, as a hitman due to his young age.

But they should bear in mind that causing a diplomatic crisis by hiding behind a bunch of young people that are successors to Hitler does not resemble squeezing pimples. God forbid, the scars might be deep.

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