European universities disrespect science and law

Published 24.08.2016 23:46

On their websites, some European universities call for supporting the Gülenists who attempted to stage a deadly coup on July 15 in Turkey

The militants of former imam Fethullah Gülen, who attempted to stage a military coup in Turkey on July 15, are running an active manipulation campaign abroad.

In the U.S. and Europe, they attend every event in which Turkey is not represented. They appear on TV stations and in newspapers. And for the time being, there is not one organized activity standing against them except the individual stances of patriotic Turkish citizens because the Turkish state and public are currently busy with civilization reforms to prevent future military coups. Ankara is simultaneously fighting DAESH, the outlawed PKK and its Syrian wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Last weekend, some 54 civilians were killed in Gaziantep in a DAESH attack.

Taking advantage of this gap, Gülen's disciples have managed to create an impression in the international public that the coup plotters were the aggrieved parties rather than the 240 civilians killed, the bombed Parliament building, 79 million citizens and our democracy.

Academia is one of the fields in which this illegal organization conducts campaigns against democracy along with some PKK proponents and anti-Turkish circles.

In some prestigious universities, Turkey's legal and legitimate fight against the coup plotters is represented as an action against science and academics.

However, the legal battle against the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), which was the number one perpetrator of the July 15 coup attempt, is a truly legitimate act of self-defense in accordance with Turkish law and international law.

Some private universities and schools that provided monetary and human resources to the organization are currently being investigated as part of the fight against funding terrorism. Also, there are some additional allegations regarding them, including tax fraud, corruption and bribery.

These institutions are being prosecuted by the judiciary, which regards international law above Turkish law, according to Article 90 of the Constitution.

In the process, a cautionary judgment has been taken against the universities and schools alleged to have links with FETÖ. Of course, all the rights of the persons and institutions are reserved and will be returned if they are exculpated at the end of the proceedings.

The students studying at these universities and the academic staff not assigned to the hierarchy of FETÖ are being transferred to other educational institutions.

Yesterday, after complaints from readers, I looked through the websites of some recognized universities that dominate academia in Europe, such as Amsterdam and Erasmus.

What I saw on the websites was horrendous. They make calls to academics having organic ties with Gülen and give overt support to them.

They treat Turkey, which is a NATO member, EU candidate and has signed every international agreement, like Boko Haram, which opened a battle against science and humanity.

This double standard, which does not have any objective grounds, ignores legal evidence and equates Turkey to an illegal gang, undermining the academic and scientific identity of European universities.The support European universities provide to Gülenists, who attempted to suspend democracy in an EU-candidate country in a military coup while hiding behind Islam, will be recorded as a black mark in the history of science and liberty.

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