Washington Post editorial on Turkey serves Pentagon's agenda


A recent article in the Washington Post on Turkey is a stereotypical piece full of biases, seeming to have been penned by the direction of Pentagon officials

In an editorial article published on March 11, the Washington Post harshly criticized Ankara saying that "the tweet has been turned into a crime" in Turkey. The article, which claims that Turkey has fallen from Western norms as it is marching alongside Russia, China, Egypt, Cuba and others, calls the world for duty.

I have the same feeling every time a transatlantic name aspires to be politically correct: There must be only a few places on earth where imposture is institutionalized in such a well-groomed way as in Washington. Currently, we are going through a critical period in which Turkey is targeted by non-democratic forces and terrorists, who are humanity's common enemy. We are endeavoring to eradicate the military tutelage and the convention of coups in Turkey and paying the price for that. For all these years, we have been endeavoring to stand up against the imperialists and upholding our self-respect.

However, those who see that this transformation of Turkey means the country's independence from the global exploitation mechanism are in panic. I am mentioning the interest groups in Washington whom the U.S. President Donald Trump directly referred to as a threat for his country in the first speech he made after his inauguration. These groups hide behind their smiling faces and politically correct stereotypes to reign at the cost of welfare and peace in the Middle East, Latin America and eastern Europe.

Whenever a country objects to the violence-prone U.S. hegemony that has been ongoing since World War II and focuses on democracy and development, they are the first to be interfered with. Initially, they start by declaring democratically-elected political leaders who implement military and economic policies not favored by the rulers of the U.S. "illegitimate." Then, they display their objection to freedom with campaigns underlining that freedom is in danger, like in the Washington Post's article, which reads:

"Turkey once had a robust, independent press, but Mr. Erdoğan has waged a multifront campaign: closing media outlets, forcing others into new ownership, and using friendly judges and prosecutors."

As a journalist, I can safely contend that what is happening in Turkey is the exact opposite of the picture portrayed by the article. The Turkish media is getting more diverse and pluralistic with each passing day. The majority, who was not represented by mainstream media in the past, is finally getting representation in the media today.

In a nutshell, representatives of the U.S. power groups in Turkey have lost their old glory, and as they have declined, they have attempted to make unlawful alliances to bring back the old order despite the electorate and the popular will. This time, however, the plot has not been applied to Turkey. They have not been able to shape Turkey as they wanted.

So the attempts of Washington Post, which published the opinions of people who plotted the July 15 military coup attempt in Turkey, are futile.

It is obvious the newspaper's ostensibly good-willed criticisms on Turkey have no effect on the Turkish people since it is already known that it serves as a bulletin for the new rulers of Washington; the Pentagon, CIA, and the cartels allying with them, as declared by Trump's latest tweet.

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