What it takes for Syrians to get attention

Published 12.04.2018 01:10

The U.S., Europe and the whole world are focused on the Syrian city of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus, which has been under the control of Bashar Assad.

The reason is the claim that chemical weapons are being used in the Duma district of the city where the opposition has an intense presence.

For instance, U.S. President Donald Trump is very angry. Even though he has difficulty pinpointing Eastern Ghouta on the map in one go, he called Assad an "animal" and considered him responsible for the chemical attack.

Moreover, he is alarming U.S. battleships in the Mediterranean, which have remained at a standstill in the Mediterranean despite Assad's tens of massacres over the past seven years, to shoot Damascus. He has been ignoring the ongoing problems of his country, with the economy taking the lead, and conducting shuttle diplomacy with European leaders to handle the troubles of Eastern Ghouta.

And the day before, Trump postponed his visit to Latin America "to be able to closely follow the developments in Syria."

Obviously, the tragedy in Eastern Ghouta has stirred the conscience of Trump who said to withdraw from Syria a couple of days ago.

However, the U.S. is not the only country which has been sensitive toward Syrian civilians out of the blue, with tens of thousands of them having been massacred and millions of them having been forced to migrate so far.

Let us note that even Israel, which killed 18 Palestinian civilians in a recent peaceful demonstration, is at least as concerned as the U.S. about the lives and future of Syrian people.

So much so that, Israeli fighter aircraft shot an air base in Syria yesterday to "call them to account for Eastern Ghouta" before they conducted airstrikes on Gaza.

On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron has left aside the general strike that has jammed his country, and cares about the pains of civilian people in Eastern Ghouta. While Trump said they would "hand over Syria" to France recently, Macron is now calling for an emergency meeting at the U.N. to discuss Eastern Ghouta.

Apparently, the new French president does not want to attempt to an invasion move without a U.N. resolution, unlike what former French President Nicolas Sarkozy did in Libya.

There are also Russia and Iran, the greatest supporters of the Damascus regime, on the opposite front. This time, they have been in quite a tight corner as they are failing to compete with the U.S.-EU bloc's sensitivity about Syria. This has many groundless questions, just like in the case of the poisoning of a spy in the U.K. which resulted in the deportation of all Russian diplomats in the U.S. and Europe.

Oddly enough, however, as in every regional crisis, these countries which do not even have border with Syria, have brought the issue to Turkey. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said "Ankara should hand over Afrin to Damascus" as if only Turkish soldiers have been present in Syria.

Certainly, I have not told this to entertain you. The issue is serious. The West's last sensibility show in the face of the thousandth claim of the use of chemical weapons is not much like the others. A great global crisis is around the corner. Some even mention a war to break out between nuclear powers. The reason why ironic aspects of the matter are becoming evident is exactly the size of the danger. Because, as Karl Marx said,"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce."

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