The codes of the operation against police officers

Published 31.07.2014 02:11

We have seen on several occasions that there is a structure within the state positioning itself as state. Examples exist in the Feb. 7, 2012 "MİT (National Intelligence Organization) crisis," the case of trucks stopped in Adana, the illegal tape recordings leaked before the March 30 elections, and the leaking of the doctored audio recording of a top-secret meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning national security. An illegal structure trying to affect the outcome of the elections has become evident. First it clung to corruption probes, then it released the illegal tape recordings, and finally tried to damage Turkey's international credibility and pit Turkey against the scourge called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham).

The view that this power is the Gülen Movement has further strengthened along with the uniform stance taken by the movement's newspapers, TV channels, its mouthpieces in academia, business world and politics, denying the existence of a structure that is evident in the public eye. Now this uniform stance continues in the same way - and even gets stronger - regarding the July 22 operation against police officers.

The dailies Zaman and Bugün, and television channels Samanyolu and Bugün have been trying for a week to vindicate those taken into custody. However, there is no single media outlet other than theirs advocating these police officers. Gülenists cannot get support from any segment of society. They have done every segment so much harm that, in a sense they resemble the Sept. 12 coup regime. No one backs them. Anyone asking for justice in this country would not want a single person to be mistreated erroneously. Nor does he want utterly valid and correct grounds like that in Ergenekon and Sledgehammer (Balyoz) trials to be abused, and the mistakes there to be repeated.

But what is that confident attitude at the beginning of the process? During the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer trials, Gülenist media outlets were convinced that all defendants were guilty. And now they are convinced that all the detained police officers are innocent. After all, doesn't this amount to, in itself, a confession of the existence of the alleged link between them and the police officers in question?

For the moment, I don't know whether the accusations about police officers are true or not. But I do know that there is a structure which attempts to rule this country through illegal means and has gone so far as to trying to topple the government. When the investigation and judicial process come to an end, we will see if this structure is uncovered after substantial charges, and if the allegations about the detained persons are true.

Yet we know that in this country 80 of the 180 crypto phones have been tapped, that phones of the prime minister, undersecretary of the MİT, and the president have been tapped and archived, and that telephone conversations of thousands of people have been listened to with false names under the cover of "intelligence." Since these acts have not been committed by aliens, some people within this country are guilty.

It is obvious that members of the Gülen Movement were ordered from above to exonerate these police officers as a whole. They were told to take a collective stance. And that is yet another example of how a collectivist and totalitarian movement dissolves individuality and reason in itself. I hope this process will be a lesson and we will progress toward a Turkey where every individual will have value of his/her own.

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