Anti –Semitism and Turkey

Published 23.07.2014 01:10

Israel's attacks against justice and international law in Gaza continue. Although, political actors who define public opinion do not respond to the attacks which have reached the level of slaughter, the reactions around the world are clear. The reactions of nations around the world are based on justice, conscience and reality. Political actors, on the other hand, calculate their responses according to economy, politics and other factors. Usually, they choose silence.

The reason for not giving a political response during such a severe matter like Israel cannot be overlooked. Turkey is not silent about the slaughter and is trying to trigger the international community by listening to Turkey's conscience. This attitude has nothing to do with Turkey being a "Muslim country." From now on, accepting Israel's Gaza attacks as legitimate means accepting, any attack as legitimate. This means to invalidate values that build and hold humanity together such as law, justice, and temperance.

Although such a situation does not affect the West for the time being, it can affect the rest of the world and moreover it may turn the Middle East into a bloodbath. Israel needs to be held to account in order to respect international law and to protect world peace. This response, contrary to Israel's belief, is necessary for the safety of the Jewish nation. It cannot be denied that if there are distressed Jewish people in the Islamic geography, Israel's attitude and behaviors – that are against the international law since its foundation – contribute to the situation. Within this frame, Netanyahu's response as "Anti- Semitic and dangerous" to the Turkish prime minister's criticism about Israel is not fair.

First of all, "anti-Semitism" is a Western fabrication. While the source of the anti-Semitism in the industrial West is economy and nationalism, it is clear that the religious movements in the Eastern Europe fuel anti-Semitism. When anti-Semitism was on the rise in Europe, Islamic geography especially the Ottoman Empire became a safe haven for Jewish people. Even the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and the foundation of Israeli state do not affect the Turkish Jews' will to stay. Because the Jews in Turkey know very well that there are no economic or religious roots of anti-Semitism in Turkey.

The negative statements about the historical events in the Quran are not related to today's laws and this corresponds to an ancient Islamic consciousness. This consciousness softened the destructive effects of the nationalism movement and prevented Turkey from drifting into racism. Turkey is one of the first countries that recognized Israel and accepted its right to exist when it was founded. Yet Turkey is also the one that condemned and responded to every piece of illegal behavior since Israel's foundation, because the criteria is justice and rebellion against unlawfulness.

The reaction in Turkey is not toward the Jews or being Jewish. The policy on anti-Semitism and racism is clear. A political response to the Israeli state's politics should be on the table. The reason for this stronger response is nobody but Israeli executives. Netanyahu should stop alienating Turkey and Turkey's response to legitimize its illegal and lopsided politics. He should listen to Turkey, a trusted friend, as long as Israel follows the path of justice.

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