Collaboration with Turkey is the solution to end terrorism

Published 04.11.2014 00:39

I am well aware of how the EU is very sensitive on fighting against terrorism as a former European Parliament EP deputy who was also the budgetary reporter of the Committee on Internal Affairs for two and a half years and was one of the politicians who prepared the budget of the Committee on Internal Affairs and Justice Policies with the EU Commission during the same period.

The fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is of vital importance with regard to the EU's fundamental values. However, I cannot help myself but ask why the EU is involved in this combat through subcontractors. Obviously, no EU countries would welcome zinc lined coffins. This is because the EU does not lean toward sending German, French, Belgian, Italian or English soldiers to the ongoing hot wars in Syria and Iraq. I totally appreciate their perception of this issue and believe that our friends in the EU are the ones who can fully understand the fact that Turkey shares their sensitivity on "the death of a German of British soldier" for its own Turkish soldiers. Turkey, which is an EU candidate country, and the Turkish Army are those who presently protect the borders of NATO and even the EU against ISIS. There is no room for doubt that the decisive manner of the Turkish Army and its influential impact where necessary is the main reason why ISIS cannot advance on Turkey.

Furthermore, there is something that needs to be considered. It would be naive to think that the end of terrorism would come with 150 moderately equipped north Iraqi peshmerga soldiers, 200 Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, the Union Democratic Party (PYD), which did not have the courage to fight against either the bloody dictator Bashar Assad or ISIS as long as the extremist group was distant from Kobani, or the PKK.

Hoping for help from the PKK, which is a terrorist organization that disregards enshrined values such as human rights as well as the EU's basic principles and also killed thousands of people, would be a disrespectful attitude against EU values. Collaboration with Turkey against terrorism is therefore of high importance. The meaningful statements by President François Hollande of France who hosted President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Paris last Saturday confirmed the fact that Turkey's demands and statements on fighting terrorism are very reasonable so far. Hollande said France will support Turkey's three main conditions and explained how the EU should combat ISIS. I believe his statements are an important message to all European Parliament deputies and EU capitals as follows, "All stakeholders, especially the Iraqi government, should support the fight against ISIS. As an example, France is involved in airstrikes on ISIS targets. We also provided military training and sent aid. We are well aware that there is more than one enemy aside from ISIS – Assad. They are still attacking civilians, women and children. For a long while, we have been under the assumption that ISIS and the Assad regime are collaborating. As a part of our cooperation with Turkey, we think Turkey should receive support for a no-fly zone, safe zone and necessary materials. The tragic drama is not only observed in Kobani, but also other key cities in Iraq and Syria like Damascus and Aleppo. However, we will show our full support to Turkey for the necessary procedures. No matter the situation in Kobani, it is necessary to support the Free Syrian Army." Hollande gave the best answer to those who assume the enemy exists only in Kobani lying on the soil of Syria where thousands of civilians have been victimized.

Well, it is high time for the EU to wake up and leave the wrong policies that hope to receive help from the "terrorist organizations" in this fight. While EU public opinion is busy only with the issue of Kobani, thousands of Yazidis are struggling for their life and suffering from cold and hunger in the mountains where they are currently hiding. The Syrian army continues its bloodshed without any exception and kills women, children, men and the elderly. If the EU does not want to see more victims of terrorism in Syria and Iraq, it should immediately "raise its head from the sand."

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